Toute Seule

BAH! I am utterly alone in my department at work. Since yesterday was Canada Day (Canadian version of the 4th of july… more or less) we were closed. Lucky for us, we got to open today! (Please note the sarcasm) And as much as I enjoyed that break in the middle-ish of the week, being back for one day quite frankly sucks. Since the girls abandonned me (evil eye squinting at you girls) and the guys sitting anywhere near me are all on vacation, I am alllllllllllllllllll alone with the hum of the fluorescent lights and overly loud computers. ahhhh what a soothing sound (more sarcasm)

Ok now that I’m done bitching, lets talk about my outfit!

Last weekend, at the garage sale I mentioned in the last post, I found this uber cute jumper in a rack of clothes from some company that closed or whatever nonsense the old man told me. Since it was starting to rain and their clothes were apparently made of sugar, I had to grab the jumper before it got shoved in the back of their van. Sadly, I didnt have time to really check out the rest, and they were 5$ a piece! SIGH.

I wore this …. Tuesday I think? I really could have fit better in a medium BUT since there are no fitting rooms in garage sales, Im happy with my 5$ purchase. My mama shortened it a bit for me (thank you!) and I adjusted the shoulder straps that were too long. It also came with a striped oversized t-shirt – no lies – that I had my mama (once again) shorten for me to make a crop top.

Ok now someone is going to have to tell me how to wear a damn crop top and not look like Joey Lauren Adams straight out of Bio Dome. [Funny that I associate crop tops with that exact image despite the fact I havent seen the movie in years – note to self:rent bio dome.]

Wait a minute.

Back the truck up! (BEEP BEEP BEEP)

BETTER QUESTION: How can I make myself look like a 90s Joey Lauren Adams every day of my life? I need to start doing 500 sit ups a day.

Alright friends, the day is half over (PHEW) a few more hours and then I get to enjoy the weekend.

Hope you all have a good one and to my American friends, happy 4th of July weekend!

What I’m Wearing:
Top – teenflo
Jumper – Thrifted (5$ with a top)
Shoes – Essentials



3 thoughts on “Toute Seule

  1. joey lauren adams…girl crush alert!!! *sigh*
    i want to steal this jumper right off your bod. lucky duck for finding it. and yes…LOL…you have to do the finger in the suspender thing when wearing them. oh and i bought REAL suspenders for 75 cents at a goodwill a couple weeks back…wait til i bust those bad boys out. (i do think suspenders are boys, don’t you?) funny about being alone in your office. it’s that way for me a lot. most people come in super early and leave around 230…leaving me alone, with the hum of the ac and the ugly flourecent light casting hideous shadows on my usually vibrant face. oh well. happy friday!!!!!

  2. mama waaaaaaaant. 5 bones?! that’s a score to put in the record books. Totally agree with Paige that you have to do the thumb thing.. basically a requisite. As of right now I have no plans for the 4th, since we will be driving down back from the M’s friend’s going away part-a. I’m hoping to not be tooo hun ova so that I can at least drink some beers somewhere and hopefully work on my skin cancer. Even though you’re alone.. it still makes me a little jealous that you normally have people around you. I’m starting to go stir crazy again. 2 weeks ago when we finally got enough unpacked that I could set up my office, I thought I was gonna be content using the guest bedroom as my office. Not so much anymore. I need more SPACE for one, and it’s not helping my motivation to have the couch and tv sooo close. wow whiney merl alert huh?

    have a good weekend shnookums!

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