We’re getting too old for this!

Last night I went out with my sisters and friends to a club called 737. My sister’s friend from Australia is visiting and she wanted to show him the club because it has a rooftop patio with an amazing view… and really that’s all it has to offer. Add in very watered down drinks, a 15$ cover charge, extreme winds and you have a GOOD TIME! Oh wait I forgot to mention the 17 year olds!! best part :). If you were/are a club hopping teenager in Montreal, you’ve most likely been to this place atleast once.

Despite all the negative stuff and the fact that we all felt a little old and slightly nauseated by the hoochie dancing, I had a good time. Oh did I mention 8$ tequila shots in tiny plastic cups? whatttttttttttttt? I know. I didnt have a choice though, I ordered them before I knew I’d have to wash dishes in the back for 6 months to pay off my dept. Next time I’m sneaking in my flask between my legs (à la alcoholic Kristin Chenoweth on Glee).

I just spent 20 minutes on google just to figure out Kritin Chenoweth’s name and I bet no one even knows what I’m talking about… Now where was I? Ok so my outfit… that’s what this is all about right? I had NO idea what I wanted to wear but I figured since my legs were shaved I might as well rock out with my legs out. This lil LBD is the one I bought at the church basement here. I thought of Paige and decided to wrap one of my sisters’ scarves around the dress because it was just too boring for me (but really it was because the zipper bunches up at the back…) and I whipped out my little black thrifted purse for the first time.

Ok now we NEED to talk about my hair. I have a love hate relationship with it right now. If I take the time to doll it up with a SHITLOAD of hairspray, I LOVE IT. If I shower and run out the door in 10 mins (which I do every day) then get to work with my hair dried I go in the bathroom and think I need to chop this damn hair off. BUT that’s what you get right?

I have this belief that if I cut my hair shorter I won’t have to do much in the morning… I may be completely wrong but I guess we’ll find out soon. Last night was a LOVE moment with my hair. I got compliments from complete strangers… ok only 2 and technically one was a friend of a friend… but STILL, I looking NOTHING like all those long haired 20 year olds and that makes me damn happy when I’m out in a club (which really is a few times a year at most).

Now add some coral lipstick to that funky hairdo and I could have been wearing a paper bag, I would have felt like a million bucks!

I had to take a picture of the purse today so that you would get a good idea of it’s awesomeness. Ever since I got shit stolen from me in a club back in January, I don’t trust clutches… I need something that can be attached to me at all times.  Ok I think this post pretty much told my life story.

It’s freakin’ hot out this weekend and I have absolutely nothing to do and will inevitably just end up in the apt all weekend :[. POO. that’s what happens when you don’t have a backyard. I can’t wait to have a backyard. Ok I’m done talking, I promise.

What I wore:
Dress – Thrifted (4$ maybe? I’m not sure)
Scarf – my sister’s
Necklace – my sister’s
Shoes – Essentials
Purse – Thrifed (2.50$)


2 thoughts on “We’re getting too old for this!

  1. LOVE

    seriously. amazing. I have a friend who has a Pink-ish hair do, with shaved short bits on the side.. and she went one step further and got a swirly line shaved into that, which she then puts glitter in when she goes out. Did I mention she’s a hair stylist? every time I see her, I want to chop my hair off. But then I have nights like last night when I put in the wiiv and can do a super cute messy side twist braid deal, and I’m scared into growing my hair. Plus, I’m pretty sure I would look like the opposite of a bobble head.. teeeeny head on a big body lol. love the purse, love your hair, love you.

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