Accidental patriotism?

I wanted to put on my crop top with some high waisted shorts today (insane heat = short shorts) but I couldnt find them. I did however find my red ones which I had forgotten about. Once I got these 2 together I realised I was dressed for the 4th of July despite the fact that I’m a Canadian through and through.

Even tho I didnt wear this (too hot – put on a thin dress) I had to take some pictures for shits and giggles. I found these sandals at Zara yesterday on sale from 49.99 to 29.99 and couldn’t resist! I’ve been so good lately, I had to spoil myself a little…

Ahhhh my legs look so much better in heels! This is the top that came with the jumper at the garage sale that my mom shortened for me and these shorts are vintage Gap from a church basement.

The weekend is almost done and all I have to show for it is a medium clean kitchen… This week is going to feel so long after 2 short work weeks in a row. On the bright side… well I’m not quite sure what the bright side is… at least I have a job? Yeah that’s it.

What I’m wearing:
Top – thrifted ($2.50)
Shorts – thrifted ($2)
Sandals – ZarA ($30)
Necklace – Urban Outfitters


3 thoughts on “Accidental patriotism?

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