Etsy interview

Back in May, I talked to you guys a little about my etsy store for my frst etsy interview, you can see here.

For my second etsy interview, I am introducing you to Kasey. I’ve known her since high school and we lived together for a year after college. We’re both pretty crafty and both hopped on the etsy train a lil while back. Kasey makes these adorable bags for her etsy store that she makes from old material. Well don’t let me steal the thunder, here is Kasey’s deetz (that’s hipster talk for “details”)

Sour Bags and Totes

Bags made from reused materials

I opened my shop in August 2007

I had been selling bags here and there to friends when a manager at my work suggested I check out Etsy. He thought it would be a better and bigger way to get my product out to the world and he was right!

It generally starts with materials that were given to me or ones that I picked out from secondhand stores. From there I design and cut my material, using no pattern because my bags are one of a kind and I never make two of the same. Put the whole thing together with the sewing machine my grand-mother gave me and voila! A one of a kind recycled bag!

It is a dream of mine to eventually open up a shop from which I can work out of. Right now etsy offers an affordable way to gain experience until I can one day have my dream.

Go check out Kasey’s bags in her etsy shop here!


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