retro stuffed pepper

Who doesnt love retro camera phone apps? (altho with this one -I’m not an iphoner – does provide strange results that arent completely aligned.)

I was up past 11:00 last night freakin cooking. In INTENSE heat. not a good combo. I made myself dinner when I got home (7ish) which was just boring pasta but since I have school tonight till 11 after work and I will only get home for midnight, I had to be sure I had:
1) lunch for today.
2) something to eat before I rushed to my 5:45 class (we only get a break around 8:30-9:00)
3) something for lunch tomorrow since I won’t want to cook when I get home tonight.

Yeah so I wasnt thinking about the lil fact that to make my stuffed peppers, I had to first simmer the soaked black beans for about an hour… then fry it up with the veggies, then bake it in the pepper with the rice for another hour…

Needless to say, I spent way too much time in the kitchen (there is only A/C in the bedroom) and when the oven’s on, it doesn’t help the thousand degree temperature. 

And now I am eating the fruit of my swear inducing labour. Oh and am I the only one who needs 10 hours of sleep to function properly? I don’t even have kids and my life exhausts me! Maybe I’m anemic….

I had something else to say… Oh right, so more complaining on the way. This morning, after i groggily got myself up showered, dressed, out the door, into the blazing sun (how can it possibly be so hot at 7AM??) and then onto the bus and then off the bus, I went to stop by starbucks for a large earl grey. See if you arent ditifully stalking my blog, you may not know that I’m trying to give up sugar… and coffee… so my new routine is a large tea with skim milk and honey and since Tim Hortons doesnt have honey, my new stop in the morning is Starbucks. I’m not especially happy about this just so you know, 2.20$ for boiling water, a cup and a tea bag? I justify this by the fact that their tea bags contain loose tea leaves, not ground up bits like you would get at most places.

Where was I? Ok so this morning I get in line, order my tea and they say they are out. Really? so you have a buttload of overpriced scones but you don’t have Earl Grey? Impressive starbucks. I walked away in a lovely mood. (I’m already not a morning person) and then some chick walking in the opposite direction decides she is in a hurry and altho im walking and 3 people wide are taking up 3/4 of the hallway going in the other direction, she squeezes through and knocks my shoulder. So I turn around and grab her by her stupid pony tail and throw her to the ground… ok that didnt happen but I was not a happy camper. I was so tempted to just yell “REALLY????” but I continued on my merry way, skipping along singing show tunes.

AND because of this, I went and got myself a damn LARGE coffee WITH SUGAR! (only 1 rather than 2) at Tim Hortons. TAKE THAT STARBUCKS!


4 thoughts on “retro stuffed pepper

  1. Does it make me a horrible person to be so proud of your angry venting? It feels better thought doesn’t it? To let it out, and know that others are reading this, and feel your pain and misery and though I’m not quite physically violent enough to strangers to grab that hussy by the pony, I certainly would’ve said something. I mean, you’re talking morning, overbearing heat, lack of caffine.. how the hell DID YOU NOT react?? Maybe you should start giving me anger management lessons.

    I’m not ignoring your email btw.. I’ve been pretty productive today which includes finding a potential office space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve spent the last hour or so making a pros and cons list for the two different spaces as well as drawing up layouts and deciding how to arrange. I haven’t even filled out an application yet. Priorities right?

    Ps.. next monday. mark it on your calender sugar tits. xo

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