The return of Whiny Mc Whinerson

Alright ladies and gents (or maybe just ladies?) This is the end of my complaining this week. (If there is more, I will just have to tell you next week) I do have to make mama-Merl proud tho with my bitching.

Rewind to yesterday – oh yes there’s more – after class ended at 10:45 PM. It was such a warm night, I didnt mind the walk to the bus station from my class (15-20 mins). Got a nice lil seat on the bus before it filled up to maximum capacity, insuring that if anyone had not already been sweating from the heat, they would soon enough. Turns out there’s traffic. This means that the 15 min bus ride becomes a 50 min bus ride which in turn means I miss my connecting bus and even the backup bus I could take and walk another 10 mins home. LOVELY. At this point, I’m already delirious with fatigue (ooo fancy words) so I start walking home. I stopped at the bank to deposit a cheque, convinced I was going to get mugged. (it was midnight after all) Then proceeded to walk home unmugged for the next 25 mins.

Perhaps it was the lady gaga playing on my ipod or the exhaustion or the dehydration but I said frig I’m gonna have an impromtu photo shoot somewhere on my way home. The creepy ally behind the sushi place was the winner of most hidden yet not hidden enough that I could get attacked and no one would notice. What’s another 10 minutes when you are already getting home at a stupidly late time? Exactly!

Notice the glazed look on my face? Yup I was a walking zombie. with blisters. (nowhere NEAR as bad as Kathleen’s) Got into bed around 1AM, back up at 6:30 and now my eyeballs itch. Now I know some of you may say “Listen Whiny Face, I get up at 5 AM, I have 7 kids, etc.” But I am not one of those people who can survive off 5 hours of sleep. PERIOD. Ideally I would like 12 but since that means I would have to be in bed 10 mins before I even get home after work, it aint gonna happen. Just don’t mess with me in the morning. You won’t like me. Only 6 more weeks of class, 6 more 17 hour wednesdays)

I apologize for the pictures, I was confusing myself and making the shutter speed slower instead of faster? I donno but this is what you are getting so be happy.

What I’m wearing:
Top – Zara (on sale last summer)
Skirt – H&M (over 2 years old – still going)
Sandals – Old Navy (over 2 years old – under 10$)
Bag – Alfred Sung for Zellers

4 thoughts on “The return of Whiny Mc Whinerson

  1. Oh my goodness, I saw Kathleen’s blister.. my feet started whimpering in response. I’ll have to stop by and give her major kudos for that one.

    Thank you for making me proud.. I don’t know how you had the energy to stop and take photos! If I’m the least bit tired, photos ain’t happening since inevitably I will hate every single one and be more upset for the wasted time I could’ve spent wasted online.

    it’s almost the weekend.. cheer up buttercup.

  2. Sorry about the yuckness. That’s a friggin’ bummer, dude.

    However, I think these here photographs are quite nice! I mean, firstly- how did you capture all of this bright light at near midnight? That alone deserves a standing ovation.

    And I’ve put a word in to the Universe for all of us ladies out there having the absolutely most horrible weeks ever.

    Hopefully it listens.


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