my little slice of country

I was quickly losing light last night so I didnt have enough time to get more/better pictures. This is my balcony garden (part of it atleast) that you get quick glimpses of on my outfit shots.

In terms of veggies/herbs, I’m currently growing:
– peas
– basil
– radishes
– parsley
– savory
– cucumber
– tomatoes

With this crazy heat, some things have been thriving while others seem at a stand-still. I have to make sure to water everything daily because when I get home from work, they are already drooping again. However, as of an hour ago, it’s MASSIVE rainfall time. Hopefully the violent rain doesn’t dig up ANOTHER of my cucumber plants. I really wish I had a nice macro lens (among others) but I need to do a lil browsing to make sure I don’t spend my money foolishly.

Going out for sushi tonight. (why does it always rain when we go for sushi steph??) And I will try to get a few outfit pics.

I had forgotten my memory card at work yesterday so these above shots were put on my old 128MB card. Found these photos from 2005 of my old cat Pilot. What a little bastard he was but still so damn cute.

He got stuck in that plastic bag on his own, I swear! And what’s with cats being so happy lying awkwardly in baskets even if they don’t fit?


One thought on “my little slice of country

  1. Clyde likes to lay on my shoes. ESPECIALLY the stilettos when they are left out. A sure fire way to get him to play with a string is to drag it over and behind some shoes. Instant kitty crack. He’ll bunny kick the shit out of the shoe and then run around the apartment like a spaz. Did I mention I live an exciting life these days?

    I’ll have a post up this afternoon lover. I’m sorry I kept this update from you for so long.. but seeing as how I only had the M snap the photos today, it was kind of impossible not to.

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