Friday Night

I love taking pictures of sushi. It’s just so pretty… and making me hungry…

I felt quite like Queen Latifah from Fresh Prince of Bel air.

We are ALL supermodels.

But Alexa more than the rest of us.

Since the boys are not sushi freaks like us, Steve made some “Aussie burgers” that have a fried egg and pickled beets on them… Apparently you can get this at McDonald’s in Australia. He also brought me some Vegemite. I could not stop singing “I come from a land down under”. If you were wondering what it tastes like, its a salty paste that kinda looks like poo. It wasn’t bad, as long as you didn’t get a big blob of it, very salty.

I’ve been stalking Karla’s Closet lately and it makes me want to wear 5 inch heels all the time hence my towering sandals. If only I could afford her Gucci, Louboutin and YSL beauties. SIGH.

What I wore:
Top – Quicksilver
Jeans – Gap
Sandals – Spring (got them on crazy sale 2-3 years ago)
Necklace – thrifted


One thought on “Friday Night

  1. i love this outfit. i need that top. i hate sushi but agree it’s pretty.. pretty stinky. the burgers however look amazing. and no i don’t eat red meat. but i AM going to culvers to get extra crispy fries because im hun ova. which is why this comment does not possess the usual merl wit. i need salt and i need it NOWWWWWWW.

    come down to wisco already sheesh.

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