Coral Tuttu

I took this picture last night when I woke up dehydrated and wandered to the kitchen around 5am when the sun was coming up.

Went out for a friend of a friend’s bachelor party last night. We (the only 2 girls present in a group of 30) ditched the boys after dinner because it was already past midnight and we didn’t really want to go to the “danse contact” strippers.

The food at the Greek restaurant was delicious (and the price definitely reflected that). We had AMAZING calamari which pretty much filled us up before our meals arrived.

I went to Value Village yesterday for the first time in months. I always find their stuff is ridiculously priced most of the time and usually way too modern. Why would I want to pay 19.99 for a pair of shoes that probably didn’t cost much more in the first place? Anyhoo, my findings were 1) kids section and 2) dorky so they werent marked up too much.

Take this skirt for example. It was in the kids section, and twice as long. I figured I could shorten it and so I paid the 5.99 (+tax) but I don’t feel like it’s an amazing price. I cut the skirt myself with a pair of scissors about half an hour before heading out the door. I wanted to pair it with a tank top à la Carrie Bradshaw but none were clean. Maybe next time?

In the end this shirt was a bad idea because the restaurant was sooo warm, I was drying.

What I’m wearing
Top – TeenFlo
Skirt – thrifted
Shoes – Essentiel
Purse – thrifted


2 thoughts on “Coral Tuttu


    don’t you DARE dye your roots. it looks bad ass without looking like your actually trying. much better look than having super blonde hair and red roots growing in.. yikes. im about to be busy working on my shhurprise.. probably would’ve gotten a better start on it if i hadn’t woken up 20 minutes ago. but i digress..

    l to the ov eeeeeeeeeeeeee this outfit and everything about you. if i have to ask you one more time to move to wisco so help me…


  2. that damn merl, always trumping me with her comments.

    who loves ya baby? i do. that’s who. you look like a lovely cupcake in this skirt and that is where i will stop with this comment before i stick my foot and mouth and say something like…i could just eat you up!

    seriously though…adorable. i dig this whole look on you. :)


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