A lil somefin somefin

Hello friends. Monday is finally over thank godddddddddd. This is what I wore. This stupid heat outside and freezing A/C at work is making getting dressed complicated. Oh well I shouldn’t complain right?

As I write this, South Park is playing on tv. They defrosted a guy from the past (as in 1996 – the year of the episode was 1999) and they are playing ace of base in the little glass prison they made for him. Ahhhh Ace of Base. I was in my early teens in the mid/late 1990’s… listening to Ace of Base, staying up late to watch South Park. 2 months of summer to just hang out on the farm all day. Those were the freakin days. Life was simpler. And I didn’t even know what the hell the internet was. [I just checked wikipedia, internet came out big in 96-97 which means we got it 99 maybe?]

Why didnt anyone warn me growing up suckkkkkks? Ok I can think of a few things that are better but really, can I please have 2 months off to do whatever the heck I want and not worry about money? That would be sweet. Lounging around, camping, sleeping outside with the cats, watching tv, sleeping in till 4 pm.

What I’m wearing:
Top – Giant Tiger (3$)
Pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Sandals – Essentiel
Necklace – thrifted

7 thoughts on “A lil somefin somefin

  1. Cute little tank! gotta love gt boutique! And you need to get your license… cause that’s def a fun part of growing up! hee hee ;)

  2. aaaa-aall that she wants is another babeh, she’s gone tomorrow boy…
    oh geez…memories. ace of base rocked, dude. i had a cassette single. yes, the single. radio edit on one side, remix on the other.
    hey, so when you figure out how to do nothing, let me know okay? i’ll join you. we’d get in so much trouble together…i just know it.
    you look pretty, btw.

  3. Um. You totally just described my ideal life.

    Let’s start a religion called, “Lounging around, camping, sleeping outside with the cats, watching tv, sleeping in till 4 pm” or something. Perfect.

    Maybe I’ll move to Canada. I like this.


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