I took the plunge

I had been drooling over these sandals ever since I saw them on christina and Zoe. When I saw them in a little burgundy store with a sale sticker on them I died a little bit. Still 99$??? (I also eyed some 130$ Jeffrey Campbell wedges Merl has that I want to snatch up. what size are your shoes merl? I might move there after all…)

(You need to start stalking her if you don’t already)

(This image was stolen from Christina’s blog http://secondskinstyle.blogspot.com/)

I had been having a horrible day but I still resisted temptation. I’ve been thinking about those stupid sandals ever since. I went into another Little Burgundy last week and saw them but since the size diplayed was 7 1/2 I assumed they didnt have any 6. Then I kept drooling over them on the website and they only had size 7 and up. Kept drooling. FINALLY I noticed they now have 6 1/2 on the Little Burgundy site. Since I figured out that signing up for their web newsletter = a 10% discount code, I couldn’t say no.

They are still a little bit more than I wanted to pay (I’m cheap, what can I say?) but I figure since the 2 lovely ladies I mentioned above wear them religiously (nothing wrong with that!) they must be atleast comfortable? Let me just say the 6 1/2 better fit my teeny feet.

In other, not exciting news, tonight I have class. My stinky 5 hour class that ends at 11 PM. after tonight, just 5 more….


3 thoughts on “I took the plunge


    Dude, I can assure you: you will not be disappointed. They are so much more versatile than you could have ever imagined.

    Prepare to have your mind blown. Yesss!!

    (and yes, it is those delicious high, lace up boots I mentioned a particular lust for a week or so ago. It’s happening, baby.)


  2. I don’t know what it is about you short haired bleach blonde girls that just drives me absolutely insane! and I am SOOOO happy you got those shoes! As Ms. Ambulance said above, you just made the best choice of your shoe buying life. They somehow just work and don’t hurt! Its amazing! and now that I know you are a tiny 6.5 I will know that I should just buy that size whenever I find it ( I secretly thought that only mythical creatures had feet that tiny and that was why all the good shoes left at the shops were 6.5, but I guess Paige is 6.5 too so there you go, two wood nymphs in my own blog neighborhood!)

  3. Just do it! haha, I shouldn’t urge people to spend but the shoes look so comfy and like SChristine shows, they are super versatile…
    You asked about the clogs… they are high but there is actually a groove in the back of the shoe where your heel goes, so the height is part optical illusion. Still tall but not crazy…

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