What a busy (work) week! I need more time. Need to post some items for sale, need to fix up my blog some more… too much to do, too little time. I know, I bitch about this all the time. Just incase there are new readers, I need to inform you of my laziness. K?

I had a happy surprise this week. On Monday morning I woke up to an email from Andrea of blonde bedhead letting me know I had won a 50$ giveaway on her blog. Hells yeah! Sadly the site (which sells everything but the kitchen sink) doesnt ship shoes to Canada. :( BOO. So after a few back and forth emails with the contact at CSN (who was very helpful) I picked 2 things, a scarf and a PDA case. This guy (Thomas Paul) designs such awesome stuff! And his innitials are TP. As in TOILET PAPER. I like it. Thank you to CSN and Andrea!!!


In other news, MY FRIDGE DIED!!!!! When I got home I noticed there was a bit of water in front of the fridge but thought nothing of it. Then Matt’s Coors Light was NOT “cold certified” and we realized everything in the freezer was defrosted. Way to go 3 1/2 month old fridge! Since I decided I was not staying in a tiny apt with no fridge, I’m going to spend the weekend at my parents (even tho they won’t be there… PARTY TIMEEEEEEEEEEE!)


It better not rain because I’m hoping to do some swimming in the river & lounging on the lawn with a cold alcoholic beverage  in hand.

P.S. haircut appointment booked for Aug 7th. (yeah my hairdresser is freakin popular, I have to wait 3 weeks. I will probably have some sort of mullet going on by then.)



  1. That sucks about your fridge. My washing machine is about to kick the bucket and when I do laundry it thrashes all around and makes horrendous sounds. Instead of doing the humane thing and put it out of it’s misery, I have decided to let it keep plugging along until it simply dies on me.
    Buying and/or paying for appliance repairs is a terrible way to spend money in my opinion.
    Have fun at your mom’s, and just make sure you don’t have so many alcoholic beverages that you sink in the river.
    Passing out on shore is completely acceptable however.

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