Etsy update – brown leather purse


This summer is turning out to be a very busy one. I wish I spent every wekend like Saturday, lounging in a pool with drink in hand, eating good food with good friends… But I have something to do almost every weekend till mid-September. I guess that’s just what happens when you live in an apartment [especially when it’s an hour and half from work], you need the weekends to do all the summer stuff; bbqs, parties, beach visits (so rare!) and so on.

My life is pretty busy. I work full time + 15 hours of commuting to and from work every week (how depressing!) then I have the blog, the etsy store – which suffers, all the blogs I stalk – being a stalker is time consuming, school (5 hours a week) then homework and projects for my class. I’ve been TRYING to keep the apartment cleaner and I try to eat well so I cook most of my meals from scratch. But really, I need to be busy, if not, I just sit in front of the tv or the computer losing brain cells. AND I need to joing the gym. Let’s see if I can fit that into my schedule.

I have a new item up in the store! I keep adding my new finds and yet I have a buttload of things waiting to be listed. I guess I just love posting my newer more exciting finds! Like this bag. I used it this weekend because I had forgotten to bring a purse with me this weekend. I have to say, it’s honestly the perfect size/length. It wasnt an akward length and it was big enough to carry a book, my wallet, ipod, cellphone, a pack of gum and my keys.

Forever21 tank / PacSun Jeans / Zara Sandals

And that is my glamourous outfit I wore for the 3 hour bus/subway/bus ride home Sunday afternoon.


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