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Blazer – Alfred Sung for Zellers / top – H&M (old) / Skirt – thrifted / Shoes – Seychelles

What a draining weekend. Saturday was filled with decorating, prepping for the bachelorette, drinking, eating, partying. Sunday we hid from the sun in our hotel rooms as long as we could but we sadly had to check out and move on with our lives. I got home in the early afternoon, contemplated napping – I didnt but I should have – then met some friends at a restaurant for a coworker/friend’s birthday. By the time I got home, it was pretty much time for bed. And that in a nutshell was my weekend. Not much relaxing but I wouldn’t have traded the fun night with 12 rowdy girls.

This is what I wore to dinner Sunday night. I absolutely love this skirt [which I wore HERE].  I especially love the fact that it is vintage AND that it was really gramma-esque and I had it shortened and taken in (by MAMAN) and it turned out great. I’m still determined to break in these shoes, I don’t care how many times I have to wear them, they will be broken! I’ve had this blazer for months. It was part of my retail therapy moment of weakness at Zellers when I bought 2 of every Alfred Sung item they sold. I really like the idea of boyfriend blazers paired with short skirts and these 2 just go so well together, it was completely spur of the moment. (Hence the wrinkly blazer… Shhhh)

If you are wondering where the heck my outfit shots are from the bachelorette… hold on my pretties, they are coming later this week for a suprise special post :)

I am so fed up with my hair. I can’t wait to chop it up, 2 more weeks.

5 thoughts on “Next Post

  1. geez…where have i been? i’ve missed WAY too many of your posts and i’m feeling guilty about it. you’ve been partying and being cute and i’ve been…in the cornfield of IL. hmmmmm…well…i’m back. and even if you didn’t miss me…i missed you!


    ps. i like what you’ve done with your blog…mine pales in comparison and i kinda wanna steal your theme.

  2. Mama! Look at tiny little pins you’re walking on! Ow ow! I have to make this quick cuz the M is getting out of the shower and I supposed to be taking a break from blogging (HA) but Amish you and can’t wait to read the magic that is your guest appearance.

    Dry kisses and butt out hugs.

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