Guest blogging – Clyde’s Rebirth

I am so honored to be guest blogging for Merl at Clyde’s Rebirth while she is on vacation. This might actually be my favorite outfit post yet… and it’s not on my blog. Hahaha. In the words of Alanis, isn’t it ironic?

Go check out my post and check out Merl’s blog. She is one of a kind and I hope to one day meet this crazy blogger in person!


7 thoughts on “Guest blogging – Clyde’s Rebirth

  1. OK!!!! Em, you will never understand how much your effort to leave me that comment means to me, but I will try to tell you anyway. I do not generally gauge my success by how many comments I get, but I do notice when a significant drop in comments takes place and, honey, today there have been hardly any at all in comparison to most days. When something like that happens I usually think “oh, well, people just don’t have anything to say today, no biggie.” (only since I can see the numbers and I know that the traffic is relatively the same no matter how many comments I get.) BUT TODAY I was feeling pretty insecure about all of this and vulnerable to spiraled thinking. I read over my shit like 5 times to see if A. I look like an ass hole, B. I behaved like a self absorbed moron, or C, all of the above and now people are just sick of looking at me. (I told you its a freaking spiral) Worst of all I thought that Desiree would be disappointed by all of this. In the end, all I can be is myself and I KNOW I am not a TRUE moron, but I would hate to mislead people into thinking that I am one under false pretenses, so all of this was a bit disturbing to me. NOW you tell me these wonderful things and I feel much better and think well JEEZE if she had to try several times to post a comment, maybe blogger is just effed up today and people have tired to say hi but they can’t. GREAT!! Thats a fantastic thing to stop the spiral and get over myself and on with my daY!! As a side, I am vigorously re reading a book on how to quiet your freaking self sabotaging ego and just let things be with out judging them or yourself and this whole experience has felt a bit counter productive to my ego stifling growth (an oxymoron?). Your comment has basically just allowed me to get back on track with all of that and realize, “shit, its just freaking blogging! People get shit like this! DOn’t be a crazy, stuck in your freaking mind person because it wastes too much energy, and even if you are, don’t judge that behavior and let it spoil your happy mood! Just acknowledge it accept that its unnecessary and move the eff on!”

    Ahhhhhhh.. So thank you.

  2. Lots of guest blogging going on today! I’m going to head over and read your post right now.

    PS: I love Second Skin’s comment up there! The way I read it my head made me giggle :P


  3. I totally had a moment like christina is talking about on my last post before I left for vacay..except I then determined that a lot of people come to my blog to READ just as much if not more than for the photos and my text was scatterbrained and abrupt and made no real it wasn’t a matter of blogger not working, just my brain. But still it made me panic a little that suddenly no one liked my blog and id lose all these lovely ladies that I thought GOT ME and half to go back to being a lonely quiet stalker. Instead I’m just going to ignore that “down” day, chalk it up to losing my mind and needing this , and gather my resolve to come back a more focused and organized person which will also reflect a better blogging outlook.

    I really just came here to say thanks and it turned into a thankful introspective convo with myself. So thank you to you twice…once for guest blogging, and secondly for giving christina that light bulb moment!

  4. hiiiiiiii! great post. i love the photos and the color of that crop top/blouse thingy looks so good on you.
    a lot of peeps seem to shy away from pink, but honestly…i’ve always loved it. i guess it’s a step that has to be taken and then you need reassurance that…pink is okay. ;)

    next time i need a guest blogger or two…i’m asking you darlin’! this really warmed my heart. i like your silly faces. :)

  5. Oooh I love thiss! That pink top looks phenomenal on you! And you probably have the best facial expressions of any other blogger I follow :) So cute!

    ps what color is your nail polish? Love it!


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