I don’t wanna be friends

White cotton shirt – thirfted (2.50$) | Skirt – borrowed | shoes – Modcloth (not comfortable at all – don’t buy!!!!) | Clutch – thrifted ($1.50) | Necklace used as bracelet – thrifted (3$)

Hello les amis! These are the pictures that were originally intended for my guest post for Merl but as I mentioned in the post, the others seemed more appropriate.

This is what I wore Saturday for Kelly’s bachelorette. I bought this white shirt at the same time as the pink one from yesterday’s post. Both were candidates for the bachelorette but after I found the white and beige clutch, I had to go with the white shirt. The clutch was actually found at the salvation army on the same visit.

I’ve started trying to read more tags, looking for more natural fabrics when I thrift. Quality over quantity but it ain’t easy man.

If you are wondering who that hot mama down there is, I don’t blame you. Meaghan agreed to take my picture outside the hotel before we started throwing back the drinks. Despite the fact that she got freaked by a band of 5 guys walking over toward us, I really appreciated her being my photog! It is not easy to get amazing outfit posts when you a) have no one to take them for you b) have a crappy tripod and a tiny balcony with no backyard c) you have someone(s) but they don’t feel like taking your picture. Not to mention, it’s not always easy to get a shot with a nice background. There’s no way I could convince my boyfriend to walk down 3 flights of stairs, out the door, into the parking lot or down the street to take my photo after a full day of work. I don’t blame him but man it would be awesome to have someone to do that.

On another note, I REALLY need to tan my legs, oh and maybe go jogging a few times a week. My calves have gotten so tiny.

I have a really exciting weekend coming up and I will blog about it next week. One more day then it’s the weekend.

Meaghan is wearing an H&M dress (I know because I accidentally bought the same one…) I think her purse is H&M too | Are your earrings H&M too Meg? haha

She is such a natural poser, I’m jealous.


And now for your manjoyment, here is 30 Seconds to Mars covering Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.:



7 thoughts on “I don’t wanna be friends

  1. whoa, hottie. excuse me for living…i don’t just wanna be friends either…hee hee…wink wink.

    on a serious note…you look amazing and if i were your boyfriend, i would totally get off my butt and take photos for you because that would seal the deal that i’d be getting more ass. (men, if you’re reading…it’s true. when we get our way, we’re happy. and when we’re happy…we give it up!) it’s a no brainer, a win win if you will.

    love that clutch! maybe when you get tired of it…you can put it in your shop, but let me know first so i can buy it. :)

    and also…i wish i had the “my calves are too small” problem. mine have no definition and i have a slight cankle. no joke. go look at my photos…you’ll see.

    anyway, love…have fun at your shindigamajigger this weekend! take photos!!!

    ps. please come to ca.

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