So excited – Highland Games 2010

Ahhhh the time has come. First weekend of August always means Highland Games. Although it’s only been a tradition for ME for 3 years now, my friends have been going for years. In the other years, I just always had something else that weekend or work or something. Above are a few pictures from 2008 and 2009. [that bottom picture on the left makes me miss my long curly hair. But that hair was a pain in the ass, I have to keep reminding myself]

We leave tonight right after work. Friday night is the best part, that’s when we all drink too much in the beer tent. [second picture gives you an idea of what the beer tent looks like and that’s only half of it] We will sleep wherever we collapse, be it car, tent, friend’s cottage and then Saturday we walk around eating fried foods (no haggis please), buying souvenirs and watching pipers.

And this is my highland games outfit inspiration (I heart Rachel Bilson):

(I can’t remember which gossip site I stole this from)

I hope everyone has a great weekend and I will be back Saturday night with hopefully lots of pictures to share with you all.


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