What I wore: Highland Games 2010 (part 1)

Hat – Brixton (on sale! 35$) |T-shirt – Quiksilver |Shorts -DIY thrifted jeans | Purse – thrifted |
Sandals – Old Navy (old)

Home sweet home (happy about that, needed some KD and a bed – oh and a shower!) My friend picked me up after work and we headed to the Glengarry Highland Games. This is a tradition with one of my groups of friends, other plans get refused if they fall on the first weekend of August. We killed a few hours before the beer tent opened and then it was game time. We danced to Scottish music (and hip hope during the band’s break – it was like a club inside a tent with a dirt dance floor), watched fireworks, drank beer while dodging drinks being thrown into the crowd and just enjoyed the party.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Rachel Bilson was my inspiration when I put together this outfit. I figured I could chop up a pair of pants to make some like hers but instead I picked up some DKNY jeans (they happened to be the best fitting I found) at the salvation army and I cut them and folded them up. And since my bag with the chain purse wasn’t big enough for my DSLR, I took the chain handle off and attached it to the bag I use as a camera case. Watch out Martha Stewart, I’m taking over.

Not bad, eh? (we even both have Raybans – mine are just in my hands)

As usual, it was a great night.

the good:
– amazing friends
– making new friends in line for the [portable] bathroom
– dancing and singing on the bleachers
– pizza at 2 am
– hangover egg breakfast from a diner in a trailer

the bad:
– beer tent closing at 1:30 am
– only having the option of peperoni pizza and having to pick the meat off.

– sleeping in the back seat of my friend’s and waking up freezing (this was honestly the coldest night all summer)
– getting up at 8:30
– long line-ups for all 30 porta-potties

the ugly:
– our feet!! (see last picture)

I have more pictures to post from today but you will see those next post!


4 thoughts on “What I wore: Highland Games 2010 (part 1)

  1. I think this was a total success!! You look adorable and casual, which is pretty Rachel Bilson. What you did with your camera case is pretty genius. And I love the fireworks shot – mine never come out looking nearly as good as they did at the time but this one is gorge!

    xoxo, Ashley

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