What I wore: Highland Games 2010 (part 2)

Hat – Brixton | Tank top – TeenFlo | Shorts – thrifted (4$) | Sandals – old navy (old) | Bag – thrifted |Bracelets – for entry and Beer tent | Necklace – thrifted | Sunglasses -Rayban

Saturday, recovering from drinking, dancing and a horrible nights sleep. A full breakfast and a bottle of water helps. P.S hats are perfect for hiding horrible morning hair :]

This outfit was not premeditated like Friday’s, it was the least clothing (that I packed) I could put on while still being decent. Despite the chilly night, the morning was extremely warm. I would have preferred to just wander around in my PJs but I would have been too hot. We didn’t stay at the Games long (people driving had other plans for the day) so it felt like our time there flew right by.

The weekend is coming to an end and as always I’m not excited for Monday. On the bright side, I am getting my hair cut next weekend and I am dying for a change. I hope everyone else had a good weekend! What did you all do?


One thought on “What I wore: Highland Games 2010 (part 2)

  1. I am just going to say this and get it out of the way so that the air is cleared and I can go on with my day knowing that you have a SUPER hot guy that you are standing with in that picture and not feel all weird that I secretly am thinking this. That guy you are standing with is super hot. Congrats. He must be sweet and funny too since I can’t imagine you with a douche bag. On a different note, your outfits of late are made even more adorable by that cute hat. And your hair even if it is bugging the shit out of you, and your smile. And seriously, the fact that you have been putting so much effort into commenting everywhere, switching from Blogger to wordpress and all that makes me love you a little bit. . . more.

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