a spam love letter.

I just got this broken english love letter in my email this morning from some stranger named “Vivian”.

It’s oddly kind of sweet and romantic, like someone who has gone to another country to find love. Now I’m not delusional, I realize this email is creepy spam and should be deleted but I still think the words are sweet despite the fact that someone is trying to scam me.

Hello Dear
I came here to look for my second half, my soul mate, my friend. It is
interesting to tell about myself to you, as I haven’t seen you ever before.
But I feel something inside. I feel like a little sign of hope that I am not
doing this in vain. I feel that you have the friendly soul to mine.
What I want to find is Love. Yes, Love from the big letter. Love demands
everything – to present yourself, your soul to the other person. I want to
do this. I want to learn you better. If you want the same, I will be very
glad. I want to meet you and spend life with you together. I want to comfort
your heart with tenderness and care. Maybe our souls belong each other. If
you want to find that you, please write me here (removed email address)
I will
be waiting to read from you soonest


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