BLT… how I missed thee.

Guys, I fell off the wagon, I ate bacon. Veggie bacon of course! I hope you didn’t think I was eating meat again, not gonna happen, no way ho how. This new veggie bacon I bought and never got around to eating was pretty satisfying.

There are a lot of mixed feelings about fake meat but honestly, I enjoy having old classics I used to scarf down when I ate meat. I guess you could call it comfort food. BACON. I used to eat it by the plateful.

I finally got around to picking up a package at Purolator today. Finally got my hands on my lovely winnings from the Blonde Bedhead giveaway. Thank you again Andrea! These are the 2 items I picked out, they are perfect.


3 thoughts on “BLT… how I missed thee.

  1. i miss bacon too!! that was seriously the hardest thing to give up when i became a vegeterian! i looove blt’s! the town i live in isn’t very accomodating to vegeterian’s, and the only fake bacon i can find is morning star and it is discusting! it looks more like a dog chew toy (hot pink and ridiculous texture)…where did you find your bacon?!!!

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