I have no outfit posts for you guys. I have been uninspired as of late. I have really just been putting the same ol items together which isn’t worth me photographing.

Maybe the hair cut will reinspire me and my blog posts.

In the meantime, here are some short hair pictures that make me happy.

-I’m not going this short-

I wish there wasn’t so much negativity toward short hair on girls. What’s so wrong with not wanting to be a clone of everyone else? I hope I never lose my individuality and creativity and for those who can’t deal with that, I’m very sorry. [This is obviously not aimed at those who support me]


7 thoughts on “lack·lus·ter

  1. Jean Seberg from Breathless is a huge short-hair inspiration for me.

    I’ve been feeling the itch to cut all mine off lately – but I think I’ll miss my curls. *sigh*


    I think it’s hilarious that people feel that way. Especially because nearly 100% of the people who feel that way are boys with the same haircut.

    They’re just jealous because we look a million times hotter with that cut than they do.



    I say go as short as you damn well want to. The shorter the hair, the… eh… I’ll think on that one.


  3. The short dark do is a must. Your natural color is dark right?? Talk about making those baby blues pop! Not to mention you are mini and can pull off the short hurr.

    My vacation sucks. Can I run away to Montreal please?

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