Tweet Tweet

No outfit post (again) but I wanted to let everyone know that I caved and SIGNED UP TO TWITTER recently. I swear I never thought I would see the day. It seemed like such a useless invention to me, “I am on the toilet”, “I just ate ice cream”, “I am watching tv”. But I guess since I already have a narcissistic blog. I mean come on, it’s really essentially all about me. I take pictures of myself on a regular basis, force others to, talk about myself all day. So since I’ve already branded myself, might aswell just go all out, no? Now I can “tweet” about my random thoughts and opinions the minute they pop in my head.

I completely blame Paige for this, she told me to get twitter and how could I say no to that pretty red head?

Right now, it honestly isn’t something I use very often, mostly because I use it primarily to stalk Paige and Merl (the latter thoroughly entertains me with all her anger toward stupid people). I don’t even think any of my non-blogger friends HAVE twitter. [correct me if I’m wrong here friends] but if anyone wants to follow me or feels I should stalk them, check me out. It’s all new to me still so I don’t always know what I am doing. And even though we don’t want these technologies to take over the world, we can ignore them or accept them and use them to our advantage, just like I can’t get rid of my facebook account because it is good for networking which is important in my field of work/interests.

And because when I don’t have any outfit posts, I try to add pictures to add some visual stimulation, here is what I found within arm’s reach, my ex-cat Pilot who I broke up with 3 years ago:

He was only a head… he had no body. He walked around with his ears.

He was a little rat bastard… but somehow I still loved him.


3 thoughts on “Tweet Tweet

  1. Hi. Glad to see you joined the cool kids’ club. (tongue in cheek….)

    Also, the mental image of a cat using its ears to get around is definitely the funniest mental image that anyone has ever planted into my brain.

    And the fact that you have photographic evidence makes it a bazillion times funnier.

    I will remember this moment until the day I die.

    Thank you.


  2. Number 1 quality in a pet: good looks. Rest easy knowing that even if he was a btard Pilot was still pretty darn good looking!

    Also thank you SO much for telling me your polish color! Funny thing? I JUST bought it, before I even knew. So awesome! Can’t wait to wear it in a post soon :)


  3. yesssssssssssss…peer pressure WORKS.

    i’ve missed you, my lady.

    haven’t had time to read blogs or to comment. man, this is time consuming. especially since i typically have to wait until i get home to comment and like now…it’s 1030 and i’m not done. not that i’ve been commenting since i got off work. i just meant that i started about 2 hours ago!

    anyway, please bring the cat when you come out to california to visit. i gotta see this in person.


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