Life is expensive

I keep getting spam emails that say “We heard you needed $1000 today‏”. Yes guys, I do. Hand it over, no strings attached, ok?

I had been really good this summer with my spending. [I  do however visit the salvation too much and do not post new items in the shop often enough] But after 2 expensive weekends in a row, I need my bank account to get back up to where I was liking it.

My friend and I are heading to NY in a week, I will be her date to her friend’s wedding and we will do a little sight-seeing and SHOPPING. I’ve never been to NY so I am excited. Unfortunately our original opportunity to stay at a friends’ family place for free may have fallen through and we now have to book a hotel for 3 nights which is adding to the cost. We had decided to fly since we didn’t have to pay for a hotel but now it looks like we’re stuck paying for both (damn non refundable plane tickets). We decided we will be eating canned beans all weekend. Watch out NY, we’re gonna need one of these shirts.

Here’s the plan folks. This weekend, between trying to finish homework, final project and study for my class (I shouldn’t complain about school, it’s my choice but man it’s not easy to balance life) I’m going to do my best to get AT LEAST 5 more items up in the shop. Then with the money I make selling those items, I’ll buy a beautiful, expensive… Starbucks Latte?? Darn.

 In the mean time, here’s a new item I added last week:

I promise I will have an outfit post soon. Tonight or tomorrow. PLUS haircut pictures will be posted tomorrow after the big chop! And since the boyfriend is attending a bachelor party tomorrow day/night/Sunday morning, I will have lots of time to just do my thing… dancing like Tom cruise in my tighty whities and sunglasses, blogging, you know, what we all do when we have the place to ourselves.

Matt better behave himself but if he happens to wake up in a hotel room in Vegas with a tiger, all I ask is that he bring Bradley Cooper home to me.


5 thoughts on “Life is expensive

  1. Life is SO expensive, especially for girls who need to shop! And esp. in nyc. I suggest eating ramen noodles, that’s what I do when I need to pay rent and have a steep cc bill coming up. They’re the cheapest things ever (and also incredibly delicious)

    xoxo, Ashley

  2. i read your blog and for a second i couldn’t remember who’s blog i was on…mine, or yours? we all seem to be on the same crazy wavelength. i kinda equate it to when a group of girlfriends has their period at the same time…i wonder if that happens naturally with bloggers, too? let me know when aunt flo comes…we’ll test this theory.
    (and you thought your avatar references were weird.)
    nothing is weird between us,okay? ever.
    cwat (cuz we are tight)

  3. Gosh, if only I won the lotto half as often as my spam mail indicates, I’d be a trillionaire. Wouldn’t that be nice! Have fun at the wedding this weekend!

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