White pants

Top – Alfred Sung for Zellers | Pants – thrifted (zara) | Boots – Winners

I know what you’re thinking. Wow is that really what you look like? I had forgotten!

I haven’t worn white pants since… probably since I’ve been dressing myself. Partially because I was anti-white pants and partially because I am stain prone aka messy. (which is why I carry stain remover) I threw all my doubts out and bought these Zara pants from the Salvation Army for 7$.

I didn’t wear these boots to work but threw them on when I got home to walk Hurley. Those sandals in my hands are what I wore today. (as seen HERE) I forgot how comfortable footwear can be. These were nice and warm and comfy, it was a nice change after breaking in high heels all day.

This will probably be my last outfit post with this hair, tomorrow (or today depending what time you read this) I am getting it cut. (NY is NEXT week for those who wished me a good weekend in the big city – thank you!) I will post pictures when I get home from my appointment, don’t you worry! I am very excited even though my hair only got cut 2 months ago.


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