muh hurrrrrrrrr

Tank – Giant Tiger (old) | Belt – Aldo (really old) | Jeans – PacSun | Sandals – Spring | Necklace – thrifted | Sunglasses – RayBan

My new hurr. As always, I left the salon very happy. Happier than the last time though. I am in love with this cut. I can’t wait to style it in lots of different ways.

As I was waiting for the bus at the corner of my street, an older woman with a cane walked by and said “excuse me” and I honestly thought she was going to tell me to move out of her way but instead she told me how nice my shoes were! We chatted for a good minute about the shoes. Really made my morning. (In fact, one of the girls who worked at the salon asked me where I got them) It’s funny since I got these at the end of summer 2 or 3 years ago and they were dirt cheap, 20-30$ I think.

That’s [surprisingly] all I have to say today, I am starving, I need some food. Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend.

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8 thoughts on “muh hurrrrrrrrr

  1. looooooooooooooooooove it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    God I wish I could do short hair.

    I’m back next week…I’ve missed blogging strangely enough. Thank goodness I have outfit photos lined up cuz my week is going to be spent sprucing up my new office! Yessssssssss.

    I need sleep. NY never does, but this girl will not be friendly without it.

  2. At first glance I fell in love with your hair and piercings(my nose hole is still open and occasionally I throw a hoop in it to freak out my kids!), then I saw the outfit and gasped in delight over that as well.
    You are simply one smoking hot babe!
    And I would have asked you about the shoes as well….love ’em!

  3. whoa. hi sex. nice to meet you.

    you look phenom. i dig it.

    bummed you can’t guest post for me. next time, sweets. i’ll pin ya down when you’re not so biz to the ee.


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