I’ve never been to NY so if anyone has suggestions for where I should eat, drink, what I should see, let me know!

(our hotel is in Times Square)



4 thoughts on “p.s.

  1. So I definitely did not mean to ignore you on twatter…I was getting on the train and lost service. Mel let me crash at her place Friday and Saturday nights so I just got a room on Sunday so I splurged a bit and stayed at nu hotel in downtown Brooklyn. Very ikea meets urban hipster. I’m pretty upset that you scheduled your ny trip for the weekend after mine… Kinda rude Ms Emily. I mean if you don’t want to meet me fine, but don’t be so flipping obvious…….

  2. Oooh! Definitely go do touristy things like the Empire State Building (or Top of the Rock – fewer lines, similar view). Hit up the MOMA and Met. Check out Central Park.

    I love spending time in the lower east side – definitely hit up St. Marks Place – and if you can make it over to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And then if you’re really up for an adventure head down to Coney Island and sea the Sideshow by the Seashore where my brother works as a freak!

    Have fun!

  3. Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog!!!!! I have to say I LOVE your hair…it’s amazing; I kinda trolled around on your blog and so that picture of you with longer hair–its very nice indeed, but I love your short hair, its very rad!
    Ok, so from what I gathered you’re coming to NY obviously…will you be here this weekend? If so, not sure if you can stuff a few things you no longer want in your suitcase, but we’re having a clothing swap (“we’re” meaning Idee_geniale and I)at my place in Williamsburg if you’re interested in attending…you’ll get to meet some other bloggers. Just let me know if you want to come, even if you have nothing to swap–if just to stop by and say HI would be splendid too.
    Anyhoo though, it is your first time in NYC, sooooooo spending a few hours at my apt. is not so fun in comparison to the exciting things you’re going to get to see and do all around the city. OH, man, i Love NYC and I’ve lived here for nearly 8 years now…it just never gets old, so you’re in for a treat!
    Ok, the main thing is….do not spend too much time in Times Square…its fine to walk around and site see a bit, but make sure you get out of that midtown area all together at some point…venture down to the East Village and Lower East Side–that’s where my skeezy self hangs out :) So Much fun!

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