3 days since the living room

It’s been 3 days since I last posted! I just wanted to say a quick hello, I am getting everything done, almost done my packing, project is almost done, will bring notes to study in NY for my test next Wednesday.

So since everything is falling into place, I will do my best to get an outfit post on here before I leave tomorrow night.

(AHHH I’ll be in NY tomorrow night!!!!)

And a big thanks to everyone who left suggestions for my trip!


p.s. just got a lil somethin’ in the maillllll. 

pretty excited about it.

 More details later!


One thought on “3 days since the living room

  1. you’re gonna have sooo much fun!! envious. take tons of photos…can’t wait to see. :)

    and ps…i have a coach purse just like that, found it for $3 at a garage sale. only mine is black.


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