A lil story about a satchel

Once upon a time I fell in love with a bag. This bag originally caught my eye on the Chictopia site then again on a blog. The 2 are related but I’m too lazy to go search around to find either so bare with me.

I thought this Coach bag was effin awesome. Sadly I did not have the 300+ dollars to get it. [story of my life] So I would check out etsy and thrift shops for something similar. Then one sunny day on my lunch break (it could have been raining, I have no windows anywhere near my desk at work) I happened to search “satchel” on etsy and found a lovely little vintage 70s coach satchel that was VERY similar to the one I was hopelessly lusting over.

I thought about it for about half an hour and then I couldn’t take the chance that someone else would scoop up this bag so I bought it.

Now I originally felt good about my purchase, up until 2 minutes ago when PAIGE informed me that she found one for 3$ at a garage sale.


BUT that’s OKAY!!! I only spent 40$ on mine and it’s PERFECT. It will be perfect for shopping on Saturday. I’m so happy with my purchase and I would like to thank the cow who died for this bag :(. I’m sorry cow, maybe one day I’ll be a better person and give up leather? At least this purse is enjoying a long life and it will only leave me when it’s pried out of my cold dead hands, only then will someone else be able to enjoy it. 

I’m in a rambling mood but I have to stop myself, I should really be working on my project to get it ready to print when I get back next week. I’m giddy (gitty?) for NY.

Giddy up!


3 thoughts on “A lil story about a satchel

  1. you were right the first time. giddy – with double d’s. hahahahah! i’m so funny. um, anyway, i’m so glad i didn’t completely burst your bubble.

    but this might. literally, two garage sales after i found the black one for $3, i found a brown one (smaller)…for $3.

    uh, yeah…the friend i was shopping with…was so pissed. like seeing red. i think she wanted me to give one up because i found two.

    sorry chica. no. finders keepers and all that shit.

    i’m glad you found one that makes you smile.


  2. I just saw this bag in your NYC post and I fell in love with it!!!!!!!!!!! You got it for such a steal…$40, that’s unheard of, amazing! Ok, well then you’re friend got a similar one for $3, but still you did good!
    Hope you had an awesome time in NYC and hope you enjoyed DSW–by the looks of the picture in your NYC post, you obviously enjoyed the shopping! Come back to NYC soon ok???

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