are you red-dy

White shirt – TeenFlo | Necklace – UO | Pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers | Belt – H&M (old) |
Shoes – Feet First

I stopped by Future Shop on my way home to pick up a new lens for my camera. I got a cheap one that was said to work almost as well as the 400$ but at a 3rd of the price. When I went to pay it turned out it was on sale and I saved 10%. HELL YA! That should explain why these photos ROCK.

Matt came home and asked me if I was going on a safari. Honestly, this coming from a guy who wears black t-shirts and jeans. Yeah, thanks for the fashion advice.

Down side to my new lens: no full body outfit shots on the balcony. A small price to pay for shallow depth of field!

Does it ever happen to anyone else that they have a picture in their head of what an item of clothing looks like but it’s completely distorted? I was thinking these pants were HUGE on me but really they were just a bit bigger than my black pair. I hadn’t worn them in weeks because I was thinking they were way too big when they really weren’t. Strange.

I hope this outfit post keeps you entertained till I get back early next week. I will have lots of outfit pictures, I will make sure to change outfits several times a day. (Rima is going to want to kill me after I ask her a hundred times to take outfit pictures for me)

And here is a little something from the Sartorialist that inspired this outfit.

I could have actually recreated this outfit in full, I have the shirt, sandals and socks to do it but that would have been a little too casual for the office.


7 thoughts on “are you red-dy

  1. Couple things:

    Thank you for your input.
    Your hair is killing the best possible way
    What lenzzzzz?
    Have fun in NY!!!!!!!!!

    Hijack the plane n stop in wisco. Please n thank you.

  2. GOD you are adorable! And yes I have been a busy bee and YES you have been SOOOOO good at commenting like every day! AND I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU! I am so sorry that I have been less responsive, I just don’t multi task so well. I can either socialize or work. I have no idea how people are even the slightest bit productive when they have blogs at their fingers all day at work! I would get fired! THis ensemble is smashingly gorgeous as usual! and I for some reason your hair just makes me want to nuzzle. Isn’t that weird? I think I have a think for the exposed neck behind the ear spot. So Uncomfortable right now. You hair just confuses my sensory receptors. GO AHEAD AND MIX THAT WITH MENSWEAR and I am effed. Sorry.

  3. Oh ya!! I forgot to tell you! That ruffle bra is from Urban Outfitters and they also sell the MOST adorable little ruffle bloomers with it (that I have worn as a set in private of course! )

  4. hey sweets. you tell the fashion police (aka matt) that safaris are all the rage and he’s just jealous that when he wears red lipstick and khaki it doesn’t look as good on him.

    have a fantastic time in NYC! take lots of photos (i know you will), be safe, only hire one or two hookers (don’t go overboad.), and please come home with goodies to share with us…vintage, clothing, jewelry, whatever!

    also, i agree to a T with christina…hair/neck=nuzzleable. (she thinks she’s being awkward and weird but she’s just saying what we’re all thinking.)

    loves you xo

  5. Are these pants from the current collection at le Zellers( add ‘le’and it gets classy, no?)? I might need them and I’ve been unsuccessful and thrifting a pair so far.

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