New York part one

Dress – Ebay | Sandals – Old Navy (old) | Bag – Vintage Coach from Etsy

I am back! After barely 3 days in NY I was happy to be back home in my bed at midnight last night. (2 hour flight delay later)

We arrived Friday night and dedicated Saturday to shopping. Victoria’s Secret and DSW (which I had never visited before) were our main stops. I brought this maxi dress for a day of shopping. I’ve had it for about 3 years and never wore it. Why? I just never had an occasion. Now I realize I can wear it to do groceries, its just so comfy.

Tomorrow is my last 5 hour camera class so I still need to finish up my project and study for my exam before 5:45pm tomorrow. I am leaving you with this short post, my lunch break is over and I sadly have to get back to work. It’s going to be a long week at work (I am alone in my department for the next 3 days so I have to hold the fort for the marketing department) and then this weekend is our friends’ wedding. Maybe one day it will calm down a little.

P.S. This vintage coach satchel I got was perfect for walking around NY.


6 thoughts on “New York part one

  1. hey, sweets! great photos. glad you’re back, safe and sound. :)

    good luck on your exam. let us know how it goes.

    and ps…i’ve never been to canada, but would love to. obvs, if i go…we have to hang. (no brainer.)

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