New York part two – an evening stroll through Time Square

Mini dress – Macy’s | Blazer – TeenFlo | Shoes – Seychelles | Bag – Fashion Express | Earrings – Flea Market

A few more pictures from Saturday. We went out to meet some friends for drinks/food at a restaurant/piano bar in Times Square. I wore some of my new purchases from that day. We went to Macy’s and got lost… more or less. There are just so many floors!! I checked out Madonna and her daughter’s line Material Girl and only left with this tank/mini dress. I figured it would be a good piece to layer over (it’s way too skin tight and short to wear alone). I had to keep pulling it down as we were walking to Times Square. We also went to Victoria Secret which I swear has 500 employees on the floor at all times.

tonight is my last camera class. My last 5 hour class ending at stupid 11PM. I can’t wait for these to be over but I did enjoy learning about photography. I will probably take a light and subject class along with my many more levels of photoshop. After tonight I have a few weeks off from school then I am starting another photoshop level in September. I’m going to be a part time student for EVER. This means I’ll be PO (poor) for a while.

Friends are getting married this weekend I am just so excited! I am especially excited to actually DO something with Matt that doesnt involve TV and couch not to mention see friends and watch 2 amazing people get married. I don’t usually cry at weddings but I should probably pick up some waterproof mascara JUST in case. 

And this is my statue of liberty impersonation


2 thoughts on “New York part two – an evening stroll through Time Square

  1. MAMA.. THOSE PINS! want them. right meow. love that outfit.. so simple and chic. you make me want to sell a kidney to head back to NYC.. btw thank you for the sweet email.. ill respond more in depth later but i wanted to say thank you first. I’m also here for you to vent and yell and cry too..

    PS.. can you send me some of your favorite veggie head recipies?? please and thank you. xo

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