New York part 3, Always Fresh

Top – Alfred Sung for Zellers | Shorts – no idea |Bag – Vintage Coach | Shoes – Toms

What a morning I have had. I am going to murder Mel and Rima when they get back from their seperate vacations they took at the same time and left me alone. Yeah that’s right girls.  I’m all for holding up the fort but I live in a bubble these days and I often have no clue what is going on in the department. On the bright side, school’s out for summer! At least till mid September, then I go back again. I did HORRIBLY on my photography exam, I can’t memorize the history of the camera for shit not to mention I completely forgot what SLR stands for. And altho I asked someone after the class, I’ve forgotten again. I also couldnt remember how many f stops were between 2 and 22. On the other hand, my project went well, I was first to present so I got it out of the way and then had to listen to some people drone on and on about something that only really made sense to them. (I worked really hard to NOT roll my eyes or bang my head on the desk but I couldn’t help turning my head and STARING at the clock every 5 minutes) Oh and there was some suspicious behaviour with my bank card so I had to call the stupid bank to reactivate it. And the highlight of my morning: being put on hold and listening to the theme song to Beverly Hills Cop.  Can’t really ask for better hold music.

I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of my NY trip photos because I’m still not done. For those non-Canadiens, you might not understand my unhealthy addiction to Tim Hortons coffee. When they make a good cup, I will drink it up and shed a tear when I get to the bottom of my large coffee. I really shouldnt be talking about coffee right now since I’m trying to cut it out (yet again) and this is not helping. Anyway, I usually get a large double double. (their coffee creams are actually 18% which makes it that much yummy and deadlier for the waistline) As we were heading to the airport Friday night, someone mentioned Tim Hortons and I couldnt wait to get a coffee before leaving the country. UNFORTUNATELY there were NO Tim Hortons on the other side of security so I- grudgingly – settled for a 6$ latte at Starbucks (Instead of $1.60 for a large coffee).

Fast forward to Sunday morning (I have to fast forward or I’ll never shut up) we are heading out of Time Square and a flock of doves flies off to reveal a ray of sun shining through the clouds onto a sign – alright there were no doves, probably just pigeons, no sun either sadly – a sign for Timmy Ho’s. (that’s what we call it) Rima said she had never seen me so excited. I got my coffee (which kinda tasted like a bad cup of coffee but I didn’t care) and we all lived happily ever after.

I haven’t even talked about everything else yet – I hope you’re still reading! This is what I wore for a day of rain and too much walking. We visited FAO Schwarz to escape the rain. Since we both don’t have kids, we looked for suitable toys to give our dogs but nothing fit our standards while still being under 10$. Yeah, we are cheap mommies.  Oh and have people never seen an apple store before?? It’s raining and they are still waiting in line to wait in line to get in the doors. I just don’t get it.

Unfortunately our only visit to Central Park was right after it poured (and our feet were already killing us) so we just made it a quick visit. I probably would have spent all 3 days there if I was alone in NY. I am suchhhhhh a country girl, I love greenery. I’ve got a few more pictures for tomorrow of the end of our visit and my anger at the empire state building.

Tonight is my first night that I don’t have to worry about doing school work or booking anything for any trips. I just need to pack up my stuff to go down to the country tomorrow night for the wedding Saturday. I will of course take pictures. I may have already mentioned this (10 times) but I am so excited!


2 thoughts on “New York part 3, Always Fresh

  1. I just want to stuff you in my pocket and carry you around with me. my wit is not existent today due to a migraine bitch slapping my head around so this is all you get. excuse me while i go perform a lobotomy.

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