Last and yet also least.


As I mentioned in my last post, I was not happy with the Empire State Building. The wait was long (wait to pay, wait to get on the elevator, wait to get into the other elevator, wait for people to move so we could actually see something) and the view was nice however dissapointing  – for me, I guess I was expecting to be blown away – and we didn’t go to the top (an extra 15$ each) so we went to the 86th(?) floor for 20$ each. I could have easily done without the experience but atleast now I know. At least it was air conditioned. [I don’t mean to affend any NYers by the way!]

One more complaint about the trip – TGI Fridays. I had never been, Rima suggested it for lunch one day and I said sure, I could probably have a salad or something. I start going through the giant menu assuming I will find lots of options for a non meat eater who sometimes eats fish. Turns out that if I wanted to eat a meal, it would cost me over 25$. For lunch. In a restaurant with ‘Kitsch’ glued to the walls. AND if I want a 30$ shrimp meal, that would not be my first, second or 3rd choice. I ended up just sharing a plate of spinach dip and stealing some crazy salty breaded shrimp and fries from Rima. If I didn’t eat fish, there would be NO entree I could eat. Every single salad had chicken on it. I guess I could have asked for no chicken but then I would just have an overpriced salad and we were trying to be smart with our money on this trip. TGIFriday, you do not cater to vegetarians, just offer a damn salad with no chicken. Is that too much to ask for? And to top it all off, our waiter was pretty bad.

The week is almost over, it’s kind of bittersweet. I want it to be over desperately because holding up the Marketing department fort has turned out MUCH harder than I had anticipated and I would be pulling out my hair if it was still long. Of course when I’m alone, there has to be all these problems I know nothing about. I think for me that is the absolute WORST (worse? I have no idea) thing ever. I hate NOT knowing things. On the downside of the week being almost over, I have SO MUCH work to do before the end of the day, I won’t be able to do it all. I feel like all I’ve been doing all week is putting out fires. It’s exhausting.

K my bitching for the week is DONE, it’s been an exhausting few months and I have to get my bitching out.

I hope everyone has a good weekend. I will be back Monday or Sunday night with pictures from the weekend.



4 thoughts on “Last and yet also least.

  1. Places with no vegetarian options (and I don’t eat fish) except for salads with meat on top piss me off!! Like you said, you can ask for them with no meat, but then you’re just getting totally ripped off because it’s not like they charge you less. At least where I live there are lots of vegetarians and you can usually ask for a tofu substitution, but in most of the country this isn’t true and I hate it!

    Sorry you were disappointed with the Empire State Building. I remember lots of waiting when I was there, but I thought the view was pretty cool. And it helps to keep in mind what an icon it is. But it does kind of feel like a Disney ride.

  2. omg! i totally missed the rant about tgi fridays. We used to go there after ice skating practice in the early eighties. i have never eaten more potato skins in my life. That place is super crazy nasty. And! its worth mentioning that the ceiling is painted black. What a terrible place to go when there is so much awesomeness available!!

  3. My friends and I took a day trip to NY one day last October/November ( can’t remember)

    We too went to TGI Friday’s in Times Square, thinking it would be the cheapest option since we have all eaten there before back home. I was BLOWN away about how high the prices were inflated… JUST becuase we were in NY in Times Square they have to hike the prices like that? I was very disappointed and would have had a better meal at the hot dog stand down the street.

    The Empire State building was also too crowded for my taste, we ended up walking up 6 flights of stairs to the top becuase I couldn’t wait in line anymore. It was freezing when we went so we took quick pics and ran down asap. lol. The highlight of the trip for me was canal street.

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