A maxi a day…

We are recovering today after a weekend celebrating the joining of 2 amazing friends. I headed down to the Inn on the bus Friday night after work. The above picture is of the St Jean hot air balloon festival, I snapped a shot as the bus drove by. It must be amazing up close.

I met up with everyone after the rehearsal and dinner and we hung out around the fire drinking and roasting marshmallows. The Inn was all rented out for the guests which was really great because the ceremony/reception/bedrooms were all together. The location was amazing and quiet in the country, perfect for a wedding.

This is the other maxi dress I got off eBay at the same time as the one I wore in NY. I think I paid something like 40$ for the 2, I can’t remember but it was cheap. Since I wore my other dress I realized there’s no reason not to wear these all the time. It was perfect for casual Friday at work (with a sweater) and then it kept me cozy by the fire at night.

One of the ladies at work asked me why I was wearing the dress that day. And I replied frankly that it was casual Friday. I guess she didn’t consider this casual? This shouldn’t surprise me as most of the people I work with wear t-shirts, jeans and sneakers on casual Friday.


2 thoughts on “A maxi a day…

  1. Maxi dresses are so pretty and comfy! Love the pattern on this one. Also, chalk me up to being one of the Americans who doesn’t get the Tim Horton coffee thing. I guess I’ll have to try it next time I’m in NYC.

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