Style Stalking: Rachel Bilson

I’ve been addicted to Rachel Bilson’s style for a few years now. Since she is short too (5′ 4″) I like using her as inspiration. I mean I LOVE Kate Hudson’s hippie style but since she’s about 5 feet taller than me and can go bra-less with no problem, we probably would not be able to share clothes. Oh and there’s the fact that mizz Bilson has wavy hair and so DID I.

You may have noticed I had her for inspiration a few weeks ago, you can see that in THIS POST. She looks amazing in the dresses she wears to special events but it is really her day-to-day style that I love. [When I get around to walking the red carpet, it might be a different story. …] She can throw on just about anything and look adorable.  I went through a phase where all I wanted to wear was button up shirts tucked into jeans for everything.  And the 2nd and 3rd were inspiration for outfits I put together back in the day. (2008-ish)

I’m trying to keep my content closer to being about style because I feel like I’m just all over the place these days with my posts. Don’t worry, my writing is still going to be the same and I won’t censor my sarcasm or attitude. I will probably still do some bitching too BUT I want this to be my personal style blog first and then we will see how it evolves. It’s still new for me (4-5 months) so who knows, I am still tweaking it. As I’ve got a bit more time on my hands now (at least till class starts up in mid-september) I am hoping to get the shop updated. I would also like to fix up the blog layout a little (I am a perfectionist).  I also would like to FINALLY see Eclypse before it’s no longer in theaters. The apartment needs a cleaning and I would like to set up the spare room for my etsy stuff. My to do list will probably never end. Work is also very hectic which doesn’t help my stress level.

The wedding pictures will probably be up tomorrow, I have a lot of editing to do (again – perfectionism is a bitch) and my laptop at home was not made for hours of running photoshop. Luckily, I LOVE editing! My class in Sept is all about editing so that should be fun. I will be a pro in no time flat!

all pictures are from or

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