Bustin’ out the moves like it’s MTV

A couple of pictures from the wedding Saturday. I was too busy taking pictures all day to remember to get some outfit pictures. If some surface up that others took, I’ll post them up but right now, this is all I have of my get-up.  Nobody likes cooperating and taking pictures of me, what’s up with that?!?

Matt’s mom gave me this linen dress, I had to have it shortened by a couple of inches, ahh to be short! I paired it with pearl drop earrings and a long (fake)pearl necklace. I wore my new nude Seychelles open toe pumps I bought in NY. After seeing the pictures, I realized that linen DOES in fact wrinkle easily. It’s crazy what you don’t see when you’ve had a few glasses of rum punch.

The ceremony was beautiful, I’ve never seen a bride so happy on her wedding day, she was absolutely glowing. Dinner was great (it’s handy going to a wedding as a vegetarian when the bride doesn’t eat meat) and we had so much fun busting moves. We danced so much, till the end of the reception and then we brought the party by the fire. We got to bed around 4:30, Matt and I in our bunk beds. (Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh bunk beds) I meant to take a picture of our room because it was like a little cabin in the woods perfect for a family of 4.

We used to have neighbours when I was growing up who had bunk beds (boys) and we slept over there all the time. I wanted bunk beds so bad and even when I lived on my own I considered getting one of those Ikea bunk beds with the desk below it or one with a couch below.Sadly I could only afford the bed my parents gave me that I slept in all my life. 

Unfortunately I felt more like I was sleeping under this:


4 thoughts on “Bustin’ out the moves like it’s MTV

  1. That is my husband’s favorite movie!!!

    You look hot (as usual) and I’m assuming that’s the man?
    You Canadians sure clean up well! ;)

    I loved all your NYC pics….and btw, that maxi dress post….you were SMOKING!
    My only question is: how the hell did you pull it off? I mean, aren’t you as (un)tall as me????
    I always assumed I would look like a drowning Ooompaloompa in a maxi dress ~ but you might have proven otherwise!!!

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