Appetite For Lightin’ Dynamite

Dress – Alfred Sung for Zellers | Scarf  – Giveaway prize | Bracelets – F21 | Shoes – Seychelles

Why is it that trying to get help with my outfit pictures is like pulling teeth? I need a personal assistant who will work for free. Any volunteers? I realized today there are THREE spiders living on my balcony. [there are probably more but I’d rather not think about that] I was OK with one… even two. But I think 3 is a bit much. They are grossing me out and they will eventually sneak in the apartment. [shudder] I am not a spider farmer, despite what the spiders think. I actually am scared (more like grossed out) to death of them. This one time, at band camp… well not at band camp but this one time I was in the shower and one descended on a web RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE. It makes me nauseous just thinking about it and that was about 10 years ago. It’s as if people who hate spiders attract the damn things.

I bought this dress back at the beginning of spring when I discovered the wonderful world of Alfred Sung for Zellers. For you non-Canadians, Zellers is similar to Target. Except I imagine 7 thousand times more ghetto. I’ve never actually been in a Target. Anyway, I’ve been completely addicted to the line and about half my work clothes are from there. No joke. 50% from Zellers, 25% from Matt’s mom and 10% from me actually shopping in a real store and … hmmm need to do math… 100-50-25-10=15% vintage. I love that the dress looks like 2 pieces but it’s just one easy loosy piece.

These are the shoes I never seem to have a picture of, and still don’t have a clear one… The ones I got in NY, wore with my LBD and then again at the wedding Saturday. They are so comfortable but my only issue is that they are 4″ high with no platform so my foot pushes forward a lot which leaves space in the back of ONE of the shoes. Whyyyy? Why???

On another note, I went for a half hour walk tonight. Yeah I know, that’s not impressive but it’s better than nothing. Hopefully I can get myself back to jogging now that the weather is cooling down. And in no time flat it will be snowboard season again (YAYYY) and I can get a bit more physical activity.

p.s. that last picture is me explaining to Matt that he has to push the button and HOLD it down, not move the camera around as he’s taking a picture. I get about 20 blurry ones and then 6 LESS blurry ones.  (Matt if you are reading this – THANKS FOR TAKING MY PICTURES!)

p.p.s. It’s getting cold out! Fall is on its way! Although I am happy to start wearing boots and trenches and hats, I am dreading the short days. It is so depressing leaving home in the dark and then leaving work at the end of the day in the dark. Lets not forget the intense cold, longjohns (ok I actually LOVE my longjohns), snow, slush, ice, bus delays, ok I need to stop before I start crying. 


3 thoughts on “Appetite For Lightin’ Dynamite

  1. You had me laughing, smiling, having a gay old time until you described every reason why I despise winter and contemplate drastic measures every year. I’m over summer but I would be quite content for fall to last forever. NOT transition into the bleak depressing time that is known as winter.

    On a lighter note, you’re lucky you have ittle feet because I’d be on the next plane up there to jack them from you.

  2. Tripod my friend…tripod!
    Forget begging and pleading and arguing to get your pictues done…I started with my kids doing them,”Why do I have to take pictures of you Mom?” “Because I gave you life!” (didn’t really have the edge I thought it would) then moved onto tripod heaven.

    I love love love it when you wear something so very ladylike and classic and it has that edge you bring it via your hair, etc.
    It is the perfect contrast and you do it oh so well!

    I can hardly wait!!!!!
    Even though my son ignores me on the slopes and pretends he doesn’t know who I am….

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