Top – H&M | Trousers – Alfred Sung | Shoes – Steve Madden

I’m starting to wonder what I will do in the winter when I don’t have access to day light other than weekends. I guess I will perfect my indoor photography skills? Needless to say, I am going to have to figure something out. Matt’s not home tonight and I was not up to finding my tripod and setting it up so I decided to try something new. I also had some problems with photoshop and worst of all, we are out of milk!!! I wanted to do groceries today but I was wearing the above heels (and lemme tell ya sister, these babies were not made for walking. They were made for sitting. On a throne. A sequined throne) and that meant I dared not stop anywhere on the way home and then I get home and it’s already 7. There was no way of leaving the apartment. God I am so lazy. All I want to do is sleep. All. Day. Long.

On an outfit related note, one of the ladies at my work told me today that her son told her she should dress like me. I didn’t know what to say. All I could do was laugh then ask “really?” and then laugh some more. I work for a baby company so lots of parents bring their kids into work (all ages). I’ve seen her son a few times, he’s a teenager, hiding behind shaggy hair, quiet, I think he listens to rock music. And he likes how I dress. That’s pretty damn awesome. And hilarious.

Since we are all talking about fall these days, I stopped by my go-to shopping location. (ahem… Zellers) yesterday on my way home. Before anyone points out that I find time to go shopping but not do groceries after work… I just so happened to have had more comfy shoes on. Plus it’s on the way. So there. Back to my story, I checked to see if they had new fall stuff. I picked up a pair of “jeggings” god I hate that word. But I think they will be convenient for fall with boots and long cardigans. Mmmm boots. I bet my boots missed me. Where was I? Ok so I bought a pair of trousers too. If you haven’t been stalking me, you might not know that I have a bit of an obsession with high waist pleated tapered trousers. It’s unhealthy. So as soon as I bought them I though what am I doing? I could just go get some old man’s pants at the salvation army and have them fixed up to fit me well. I was thinking and thinking and feeling guilty. (I shouldn’t be spending, I went on a really expensive 3 day trip remember?) I tried them on again and again and then today I tried them on and decided I am returning them. I think that trip to NY had a horrible influence on me, made me a shopaholic. or more of one? This needs to end.


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