Yes, you are tight like a tiger

Shirt – TeenFlo | Skirt – My sister’s | Tights – random tights | Shoes – Alfred Sung | Necklace – thrifted

I call this last one “exasperation”. Matt was taking pictures of the sky. Oh it aint easy being… Canada’s next top model? HA.

I love this skirt I “borrowed” from my sister eons ago. You can see it in this post when I originally borrowed it. The outfit is very similar. (My HAIR on the other hand is not) This is a little more work appropriate. I love that this skirt can sometimes make it look like I have curves. sometimes. please humour me here. And it’s just got the best detailing on it. It’s currently safety pinned (the poor man’s hemming) so that it wont go all the way down to my calves but I think I may try it full length with boots for fall before I have to hand it back to my sister.

This was the first time I wore tights in a while. It was nice, meant I didn’t have to bother shaving my legs! That really is the best part about tights isn’t it? Well for me anyway. Plus even if you accidentally flash someone, they won’t see much.

Yesterday marked the one year anniversary at my job. Wow how time flies. Especially when you don’t hate your job. I swear working in sales doing cold calling for 3 months felt like I lost 10 years of my life. We are going out to lunch with my boss today to celebrate. He said we’d go for beer and wings and I told him I’d happily just take the beer.

So as I mentioned in another post, I am returning the pants I bought the other day. I feel like a horrible consumer, buying buying buying. I was reading a blog post by Little Ocean Annie yesterday and it really got me thinking about where I buy my things and where they came from. It’s so important to be aware of these things. I don’t often shop at stores like F21 because I don’t like feeling like a lemming and there’s no point spending all your money on items that you will only wear once (due to seeing it everywhere and getting sick of it or it falling apart). My vintage collection is growing all the time and thanks to other bloggers, I have much more confidence to try combinations that may be considered “weird” by society. So yes, I am returning the pants and I am going to mug an old man instead and just steal his high waist pleated wool trousers. Much cheaper that way.  

I am also stopping by the salvation army tonight as they are having a 50% off sale. Hell of a day to be breaking in my clogs. (which coincidentally are FROM salvation army) Matt, Hurley and I are staying home this weekend like a happy little family. (Oh except Matt is going to Nascar Sunday). [update: matt has to work saturday so I’m on my own]It’s been ages since we’ve both been home on a weekend.


4 thoughts on “Yes, you are tight like a tiger

  1. mama.. I am right there with you with the tights=hairy legs. I’m so freaking sick of shaving these pins. Plus I can’t put lotion on them in the summer because that guarantees rivers of sweat, but my skin is basically flaking off with every itch now. Obviously I’m a pretty attractive package right now. I have to constantly move my legs when out in public so people can’t see how gross they’ve gotten. I just want 65-70 degree weather. Not this 78 in my apt bullshit.

    Please have your camera set up on a timer when you mug the old man. pretty sure those photos would be priceless.

  2. i wanna hear about the spider!!! ack!

    taylor and i are spending the weekend in, too. can’t wait to relax and do…nothing. :)

    adorable skirt on you. i have my tights all ready for fall, but i just haven’t been able to bust em out yet.


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