The secret life of the thrifter

I went to the salvation army for their sale and came out with just a few treasures. total spent =10 big ones.

I decide to snap a few shots with my phone. A lot of people have no idea what a second hand store is like. These photos were more about funny things or just things I thought were worth photographing. How cute are those baby woven sandals and worky boots? Answer: very.

There are so many hidden treasures but I won’t lie, there’s so much garbage to sift through. You will have grimy hands by the end and you will have lost much more time than you thought.

A few things to remember are to expect to be in there a while. Don’t just give yourself 15 mins to be in and out. Go through everything but especially bags, dresses and jackets. For me personally, those are the places I find the most treasures. Think about hemming or cutting if you love something but it’s too big. Read tags, they will give you a good idea of the quality or age. And definitely keep an open mind. Oh and be careful of evil old ladies.


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