Up at 9am on a Saturday?

Hat – AA | Top – Alfred Sung | “Jeggings” – Alfred Sung | Sandals – Zara | Bag – Vintage Coach

What a great day. Honestly a sunny day of sidewalk sale shopping combined with a lunch on a back patio of a vegan restaurant. I couldn’t ask for more! I actually SET MY ALARM this morning to go meet my sister. I know. On a Saturday.

Matt was working so I decided to meet up with my sister to go to the sidewalk sale. They close off a big chunk of the boulevard and all the shops put tables outside. I didn’t need anything nor did I want to spend money but I figured I would enjoy the sun and take pictures. I changed my outfit about 5 times and ended up last minute with these pants on and just threw on the top because I had to run out the door to catch my bus. I knew it would be sunny so I put on my new floppy hat. Unfortunately it got really hot out and I was dying a little bit.

On the bright (no pun intended) side, early on I was checking out some boots outside one of the shops and saw a pair of boots almost exactly the same as a pair I have been lusting over. (I will talk about those in another post, no worries) They are amazing by the way. After shopping we went to a vegan resto called Aux Vivres. I hadn’t been in  years so it was amazing.

And now I am sitting on my couch watching SYTYCD Canada while Matt takes a nap with Hurley.

I feel like a walking advertisement for Alfred Sung (although you would have to check the tags if you actually wanted to know). These are the “jeggings” I got this week. They are pretty nice and versatile. They don’t look like leggings which is what I wanted. [I can’t do leggings as pants, ladies; leave a little to the imagination please!] These have pockets in the back which is why I don’t feel I need to have a long shirt on with them. Oh and they look great with my new boots too in case you were wondering.


3 thoughts on “Up at 9am on a Saturday?

  1. You look like a city slicker enjoying the weekend in her “cas” clothes.
    I like the carefree-ness of the hat and that top is totally to die for.
    All in all, I love it!

    I am in need of a killer pair of shoes for fall.
    Something right “of the moment” that I can rock with jeans,skirts, whatever!
    Let the hunting begin….

  2. I’m such a sucker for sidewalk sales or any kind of street festival! I love things like that. Also, I’m totally digging that hat. I meant to get something similar for the summer, but I just kept striking out. I think it’s because my head is just too big for hats, ahhh!

  3. your day sounds amazing! have i ever told you that i’m dying to take a trip to canada?? and when i do, i’m coming to visit? or just make a bed for me, because i’m staying with you. man…we would have so much fun! and you could introduce me to vegan eating! and the canadian way of life. awesome.

    can’t wait to see the new boots and ps…that blouse is gorgeous. i can totally see you pairing it with a high waist skirt. wowza, lady! ;)

    and thank (and and and…i use it a lot, i know.) you for always bringing positive comments and love to my blog. i’m glad you read my words and like me for me…cheap fringe vests and all.

    kisses to you always,

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