Aux Vivres

As I mentioned yesterday, my sister and I went to a vegan restaurant. We both aren’t vegan (she eats meat, I only eat fish) but the food is so good anyone can enjoy it. I had the BLT. This is what I have had every time I’ve been (which sadly can be counted on one hand) and my sister had the dragon bowl. Obviously there is no B in my BLT. They use smoked coconut! It tastes amazing. And the sandwich is so big you don’t need any sides, although we did have smoothies to help endure the heat on the little patio. Steph had the dragon bowl which is a bunch of yummy veggies on warm brown rice with an amazing sauce. We split the 2 plates and I swear that’s the best you could ask for.

I need to make it a point to go eat there more often. I also need to hit up more vegetarian places in Montreal, not to mention go eat on more patios before the cold weather.


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