Mes amours

 Here they are folks. My new loves. They are currently sitting on the shoe rack in the living room and I have to stop and stare every time I walk by. I can’t wait to wear them but unfortunately I would die from the heat.

Okay now since most of my shopping involves a story, this one is no exception. As you should know, I’m often insipired by (this sounds better than I’m obsessed with) Karla’s Closet. She has these Michael Kors duck boots that are ugly but gorgeous at the same time. Yes that is possible. After seeing them, I fell in love, I searched high and low (read I searched Ebay) but the 200$ price tag slowed me down. I did consider it a few times. Since then, I had been keeping my eyes open for a pair of high heel lined booties. Boots are a necessity here in Montreal 6 months out of the year after all.

You can imagine my shock and excitement when I saw these puppies on a table at the sidewalk sale Saturday. Now they aren’t exactly like the ones I was drooling over on Karla but they are Michael Kors and I think they are just an older model perhaps? Anyway, they also reminded me of the Jeffrey Campbell Boot Camp boots that seem to be popping up everywhere. Now I haven’t owned anything camo in several years but that was not going to stop me. I picked up the boots, saw they were a 6.5 shoved my foot in and probably squealed with delight. (it’s all a blur) the guy asked if I needed help and I said NOPE, I’m GOOD! 5 seconds later I handed him the box and said I would take them. It’s a good thing there were no major flaws as I don’t think I even looked at the other shoe.

Oh I’m forgetting the best part! they. were. 69.99. WHAT? I know. The original sticker price was 328.00! And it wasn’t one of those “comparable to ___” stickers, this was the price tag and then someone wrote with a red pen 69.99. Ok deep breaths, I may start hyperventilating I’m so happy about these boots.

** UPDATE: here is the link to Karla’s boots **

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