Style Stalking: Drew Barrymore

Since I haven’t taken any outfit pictures this week (It’s sooooooo hot out, by the time I get home from my hour and half commute, I am in no shape to be photographed, trust me on this one) I thought I’d atleast give you something to look at.

Miss Merl tweeted about Drew Barrymore’s style this morning and I thought hey, I can talk about her today! I have a line up of potential ladies for my style stalking so I can do these for a while.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Drew’s. 50 First dates is probably my favorite movie, (or close to it) and I loved her in others such as The Wedding Singer and Mad Love. As I was looking for pictures to show you, I realized that her day-to-day looks don’t necessarily yell out “Look at me, I’m fashionable!” more like “Look at me, I’ll wear whatever the heck I want and you can suck it”. And that is what I love about her. She has the confidence but she also has fun. She’s cooky but adorable, sexy and feminine at the same time. How many can say they flashed David Letterman on his show for his birthday? She also has a great collection of flashy RayBans. Sadly, I could only afford one pair of Raybans and Matt said I looked like a 12 year old when I tried on the red ones.

I’ve already mentioned (I think?) that celebs inspire me a lot (the photos where they are in their day-to-day clothes) i often try to recreate looks I love with my own wardrobe. The last photo is from last year when I recreated one of Drew’s casual rocker/grunge looks.

(It should also be noted that when she cleans up, she cleans up goooooooood but that’s another story on its own!)

I also love that she changes her hair color/length a lot. She is one good lookin chameleon.

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