When you came in the air went out.

Top – Thrifted ($4) | Skirt – H&M (old)| Shoes – Steve Madden ($69.99)

With the humidity, it’s been about 30C or 100F the past few days. It’s horrible! How’s a girl supposed to look all glamorous for her style blog? It’s a miracle I made it through these photos! It’s days like this I look forward to tights and boots and lots of layers. Unfortunately all this humidity means that the rain is coming (just in time for the long weekend…) But the cool nights will be welcomed with open arms!

I found this shirt at the salvation army a few weeks ago and by the tags I would assume it’s vintage which is surprising because it has such modern traits. Puffy sleeves, bow at neck, polka dots. Hey I’m not complaining, it’s a good find! These shoes are from DSW in NY. I hesitated but with a little persuasion, decided they would be a good addition to my collection. You never have too many black shoes, right?

Thank goodness for the long weekend coming up! I’m heading to my parent’s place for some flea market visiting, some country fair activities like fried food and tractor pulls and some good old fashion drinking with my friends. Gin and Tonic. Oh guys, I’ve really missed you, I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting you lately. I swear, I’ll make it up to you! Oh yeah, and there are also my OTHER non alcohol friends too. I miss you guys even more! (On that note, Jenny I’m waiting to hear from you missy!)


4 thoughts on “When you came in the air went out.

  1. What? You look completely glamorous, humidity or not–I can’t tell its hot there.
    That blouse is amazing, good find! You look like a proper secretary or something, very cool! And may I make yet another comment on your hair? Yes, yes i can…just wanting to say, “I looks FAB!” I lust after your hair, but after having short hair for most of my teen/early 20s years I’m too chicken shit to cut it off again…I’ve finally gotten it to a “long” length and its finally gotten to the “rock n roll” point that I’ve always wanted, so yeah–I’m way too chicken to cut my mop off to be as cool as yours.

    PS-I love your comments on my blog…they make me laugh uncontrollably. (I mean who wouldn’t laugh at comments about “leopard porn”? hahahahahaha

  2. yeah, i agree with nickie…you would never know that there’s probably sweat dripping down your back. you look great! as always.

    sounds like you have a really nice weekend planned! have so much fun! and i wanna see flea market finds!!! take pics!

    love ya, doll.

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