Ease my troubles, that’s what you do

09/04/2010 (afternoon)
Shirt – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers (19.99)
Fanny – thrifed (1$)
Rubber boots – chooka
Occasion :
Brome Fair

Oh Labor day weekend, you fill my heart with gladness, take away all my sadness. It was an eventful weekend. I ate a lot of fried food, drank a lot of gin and slept very little. That’s what weekends in the country are all about. Yeehaw! Ok we don’t actually say Yeehaw, I did however wear my cowboy hat on Saturday. Oh yeah, that’s right, you don’t mess with tradition.

Saturday afternoon, after my half asleep sorting through clothes at the church basement sale, we headed to the fair. It was off to a good start with a nice greasy poutine**. We walked around (and around and around) eating, looking at the stands selling everything but the kitchen sink, hiding from the on again off again rain (“IT’S RAININ’ SIDEWAYS!”) and intense winds.

Brome Fair has been a tradition I haven’t missed since I was in diapers. Despite the fact that it isnt as exciting as it was when we were younger, it’s still a fun weekend to run into friends, eat a lot of garbage without feeling guilty and of course, lots of photo ops! We used to count down the days till Brome Fair even thought it meant back to school.

I feel like the fair food deserves a post on its own but I just didn’t take enough pictures! What I did get a picture of was the blooming onion. This is a whole onion deep fried in batter with a dipping sauce. We shared this among 4 of us, it’s a little deadly. The highlight of my weekend was definitely the burger. I’m not supposed to share this story on the blog because I’m going to taint the cantine’s reputation. But too bad! I have to share it because it was amazing. One of the things you HAVE to eat at the fair is the Derby burger. It’s a burger with a bunch of fried onions. I had never had one before I became a vegetarian and since the boys refused to serve veggie burgers, I said I would bring my own burger for them to cook. Obviously I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! (It helps I’m good friends with the big kahuna) Even though he probably won’t admit to it, he slapped by burger on the grill and even though he was really confused by the fact that it wasn’t meat and you didn’t know when it was ready, he made it perfectly! With a slab of cheese and a pile of fried onions, he handed me over my first ever Derby burger. I added ketchup and mustard but I have a feeling it wasn’t even necessary. I was a little hesitant about all the onions at first but that hesitation soon disappeared as the burger, onions and steamed bun just melted in my mouth. I cursed myself for only bringing one veggie burger. I may have to start frying onions at home from now on…

Other highlights of the weekend:
– Sitting on a friend’s shoulders while wrestling with a 5 year old on my other friend’s shoulders.
– Seeing a 900 lb pumpkin and a 37 lb zucchini.
– Heading to the bar Sat night and seeing lots of familiar faces.
– Spending time with family.

As crazy as it sounds, I actually have NO PLANS for the next coming weekends!!!

** Poutine (Quebec French pronunciation [putsin]) is a dish consisting of French fries topped with fresh cheese curd, covered with brown gravy and sometimes additional ingredients. Poutine is a diner staple which originated in Quebec and can now be found across Canada. It is sold by national fast food chains (such as New York Fries, A&W, and Harvey’s), in small “greasy spoon” type diners (commonly known as “cantines” or “casse-croûtes” in Quebec) and pubs, as well as by roadside chip wagons. International chains like McDonald’s, A&W, KFC and Burger King also sell mass-produced poutine in Canada. Along with fries and pizza, poutine is a very common dish sold and eaten in high school cafeterias in various parts of Canada. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poutine]

7 thoughts on “Ease my troubles, that’s what you do

  1. oh how I love the fair!! Great photos!! SO excited that you won the contest! wooooeeeee!
    I think they said it was the black but I am very certain that I am in charge of making said swimwear.
    So! You can have your fave nautical flags… either off white or charcoal grey. let me know!!

  2. you are so freakin cute in all your pics!!!! not as cute as the fella in the last photo tho… lol. And he even posed for you too! He’s smiling!!!! :)

  3. Im going to apologize for not reading your txt because im trying to pack and read blogs at the same time and packing is unfortunately spazzing my brain out to the point where words start to dance on the screen and scream at me to get back to picking outfits…


    i heart your fucking guts.

  4. i love going to the fair. everything about this post makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. and the food…oh man, that food. nom. thanks for sharing all of these fantastic photos! xo

  5. If you have nothing going on the next couple weekends, you could always plan a thrip to NO. NV!! I would love to see you in all of your adorable munchkin-ness! (is that what you called yourself?) anyway, this last weekend looks like it was a total blast for you and YESSSS that hair forward with that headband blew my mind and almost made me walk back tot the bathroom with my scissors again!!

  6. Oh man, this looks like so much fun! What can go wrong with fried food and adorable animals. Seriously? It’s like my ideal weekend. Although I’m terrified of carnival rides. Anything that can be taken apart and then reassembled but whips you around at a decent speed gives me the willies!! So sad that summer is almost over!

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