Baby I like it

White cotton shirt – thirfted (2.50$)
Pants – thrifted ($7)
Wife beater – Hanes (probably belongs to matt)
Shoes – Feet First
Bracelet – thrifted
Occasion: work

I feel like these photos are very reflective of what I was watching on TV at the time I took them. I think it’s the eerie lighting. You know you have a short attention span when you are watching a dvd and taking photos of yourself at the same time… Anyhoo, I feel that I should Photoshop in a pool of blood on the kitchen floor then it would really remind me of what was on my TV. If you can’t guess this, I don’t know if we can be friends.

Since the days are getting shorter (sob) and it’s getting dark around 7:30-8:00PM, I’ve been trying to find a decent indoor outfit photo location. These turned out really well. Soon all the cool kids will be taking photos in their kitchen too. Unless they are cooler than me and don’t have day jobs getting in the way of their daylight photo taking. SIGH. Maybe If I complain enough, people will start sending me money so I can stay home all day?

This outfit is 50% thrifted, I’m pretty proud of myself. I’ve been cleaning out my apartment because I feel like the clutter is suffocating me. I’ve got a long road ahead of me but I’ve started slowly. My sister’s ex’s mother worked for a packaging company and we would end up getting all these free products (hand cream, deodorant, hair products, etc.) and they would just sit in my bathroom drawer for years. Finally I went through it about a month ago and threw out everything I didn’t actually NEED. I considered donating it but I’m sure a lot of it was past expiration or half empty. With my short hair, did I really need 100 different mousse/cream/serum/paste/gels?

Now I am working on my clothes. I filled 2 bags last week and had my family go through some of it before I gave it away. I still have a lot more to go through though! These pants I’m wearing are from the salvation army. I bought them almost 5 months ago and I have never worn them. Shame on me! They were originally from Zara (with tags still intact) and were meant as maternity pants. I loved them so much so I bought them and just removed the extra material at the top. And this cotton shirt I bought back in July and wore it HERE.  I have to quit keeping things just because I MIGHT one day wear them again.

I found the Simons fall 2010 catalogue in the lunch room at work this morning and I saw the black skirt pictured below and my jaw dropped. Then I saw the price tag and knew I would never have this draped skirt. More importantly though, I noticed one of the models is wearing the Michael Kors duck boots. AHHHHH why must you taunt me so? Don’t get me wrong, I love my camo ones (not to mention the price tag) but these. THESE. They are awesome. I still want them. Christmas present family? Matt? They are only 200$ (ish…) I wear a size 6.5 just so you all know.


9 thoughts on “Baby I like it

  1. I know I know!! I’m about to burn you some more! ;)
    And Dexter is next on my list, so Ill pass it on you to you after
    I’m thinking there must be a way to buy a skirt thrifted and modify it to that, its so cute!
    You can put it on and I can pin it up till we get something similar…

  2. Despite our current outfit posts being somewhat similar in vibe, right before I headed away from all the action in the Big Apple for the hot action in Columbus Ohio (?!?!?!) I had cleaned out 6 big lawn and leaf bags worth of clothing from my closet(s).
    And then I got back to my hotel room tonight and the company left me a shopping bag filled with free clothing!
    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth or anything….

    Are you my little sister separated from me at birth???
    Maybe so….
    And you can bet if there had been free Michael Kors duck boots in my bag I would have sent them over the border.

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