Man, I feel like a woman

Outfit deets:
Blazer & Shirt – TeenFlo
Pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Shoes – Steve Madden
Occasion: Work

I need Tyra Banks to show me how to smile with my eyes.

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like this week has been rough and I don’t even know why. I think I’ve been sleeping horribly. I always end up waking up a few times a night and sometimes even getting up because I’m convinced I’m sleeping in a room that isn’t mine. It’s hard to feel well rested when you can’t sleep straight through a night. Maybe I’m too stressed, it won’t get better any time soon, school starts again next week!

Last night was one of those days where nothing I try on feels right. I honestly have so much trouble with casual Fridays. It seems so silly, I know! During the week, I’m good with dressing nice for the office. On the weekends I go a lil nuts or just play it simple for around the house. But figuring out something that is casual yet still appropriate for the office… FAIL. I HATE feeling like I dressed boring, I can’t stand blending into a crowd but I don’t like dressing too “different” for work either. And since I am meeting my sister after work for a vintage shopping trip (more details tomorrow), I HAD to throw in at least one vintage piece. Most of my vintage pieces are a lil too wacky for work though. I have an amazing vintage  flowy one size fits all silk shirt I found this weekend and another vintage shirt that both haven’t been worn yet but I don’t think my office is ready for them.  [typical cas. Friday attire here =jeans and t-shirt].

On top of all my clothing woes, I was missing long hair yesterday. Can’t I go a whole month without getting bored of my hair? Apparently not. Maybe I’ve been wearing too much menswear and feeling too manly? Perhaps some red lipstick is needed? I will be sure to put some on while I clean the apartment tomorrow.

Ah what a complainy post right? We all have those days! On the bright side, see how clean(ish) my kitchen floor is? Please ignore the crumb on the left…

Oh wait I haven’t even talked about this outfit. I was inspired by a photo I saw online for this look. It was a little less work appropriate so I put on a white shirt rather than a casual top. Want to hear the story behind these pants? Of course you do! I went to Zellers to look at the Alfred Sung fall collection (of course) a few weeks ago and picked up 3 pairs of pants to try on. I liked them all but only bought one pair. I felt guilty, returned them (I blogged about this if the story sounds familiar) and was planning on picking up a different pair. But when I got to the rack, they didn’t have any in my size anymore. Luckily, my sister did me a favor and checked the one near her work and found me a pair! I had my mom shorten them a little and voila! I really wanted these because of the fact that winter is unfortunately on its way and I will be required by law to wear boots. (You know, like winter tires? Ok that’s not true but trust me with the snow we get, there is no other option than boots!) and straight leg pants work much better with boots.

2 thoughts on “Man, I feel like a woman

  1. you know how i feel about menswear on women….sigh…lovely. you look amazing.

    i hear ya about the work attire thing. i too like to incorporate vintage, as well as some of the “trends” that we see in the blogging world, but let’s face it…the people IRL…don’t get it. i struggle every day to find something that’s work appropriate, yet…me. it’s tough.

    have fun thrifting! and have a wonderful weekend. i’m expecting photos of you with red lipstick. ;)


  2. i feel you on the sartorial snow conundrum! i’ve also invested in lots of straight leg pants for the same reason.

    i also spent too many years rocking the pirate look, stuffing flair jeans into boots leaving all that extra material with no where to go but puffing out. live and learn :)

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