Let the midnight special shine a light on me

Top – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Jeans – Gap
Boots – Etsy (60$)
Scarf – gift
Earrings – thrifted
Bag – thrifted (1$)
Occasion: casual Friday and shopping

My sister and I visited 7 days of vintage, a sale of vintage items that goes on for 7 days. I had heard about the one earlier this summer but didn’t go. When I found out they were doing another one, I decided to not be lazy this time. Met up with Steph after work and took a few outfit shots. Steph lives in the ghetto, a sketchy neighborhood with murders, a part of town with lots of hooligans so there is a lot of graffiti. As you can see, some of it is really freaking nice.

After our mini photo shoot we went to the sale. I was expecting something so-so and I didn’t even know if I would buy anything. I was pleasantly surprised though, and saw a lot of things I liked. Sadly I am so used to buying my vintage from thrift stores, it’s hard to shell out the cash to buy it from a shop. I did however fall in love with a pair of mukluks/moccasins. The girl said so many people tried them on but they were too small. Lucky me with my little size 6/6.5 feet. One of them is too tight but they assured me the leather will stretch a lot. Steph bought the hat above and I REALLY wanted that owl necklace but couldn’t bring myself to fork out the 34$. There were quite a few nice things at the sale, I would definitely go back next time!

I bought the boots I wore 2 1/2 years ago off Etsy (before I started selling). At work someone made a cowboy related comment. I threw in that I wasn’t only a cowboy but also a sailor. Honestly, guys think they are so funny.

After the sale we met up with a friend of my sisters and went for a beer (1 beer for me, 2-3 for them). I was a little too busy taking pictures and trying to figure out what songs were playing to really drink my apricot beer. [In case you were wondering, it was The Midnight Special by CCR] Check out the crazy urinal accessory in the guys bathroom! Why don’t girls get cool stuff like that? Actually, I shouldn’t say that, we do have this at the Whiskey Cafe.


3 thoughts on “Let the midnight special shine a light on me

  1. Your pics made me feel as though I was there with you.
    What a fun day…and as usual you are the most adorale thing ever!
    Not to be all single white female on you, but I too wore a scarf that way today as well….except mine was striped and not pink…but if it had been pink….well, that might just be a little too creepy….


  2. ha! great photos! that urinal thing though…odd.

    i spy a BOLO!

    totally know what you mean about shelling out the dough for vintage. it’s like, when did i get so cheap? when did i stop indulging myself on clothing items that cost more than 5.99?! i’m about stop that shit…next paycheck.

    you’re always having so much fun. i cannot WAIT to meet you IRL. one of these days.

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